Monday, May 11, 2009

Well, I Lied, Again!

I have a lot to blog about! I was too tired yesterday to write and here's why! Yesterday morning—I walked eight miles with Leslie Sansone, again! Then I called Kinky and wished him a Happy Mother's Day. He was on the road, just outside of Kerrville, on his way back to the ranch. He told me that he had much to tell me, and we agreed to talk later at the ranch.

After getting cleaned up, Trigger took Tony and me to Kerrville, so I could purchase a few more of those great towels, go to lunch and then get some more groceries at H.E.B. We first went to Penney's, and bought the towels! Then we went to China Town, right next to the mall. Our meals were great, and my fortune cookie was even greater! It basically said that I was fixin' to get really lucky! Yeah! I can't wait! Unfortunately, Tony wasn't real happy with his fortune cookie, because it told him that he needed to be cautious around food.

Before going to H.E.B.—we went to Home Depot, because during our Chinese Mother's Day lunch, I had decided that I wanted to build a cabinet, after we got back to the ranch—for Outer Space! After purchasing the boards and some hinges, we took off for our friendly neighborhood grocery store.

On our way, we decided that Tony would drop me off at the front door, then go get gas, while I speed shopped inside. Before getting out of Trigger—we turned on our cell phones, so I could find him in the parking lot. I grabbed a cart and entered the store—heading to the dog food isle. I loaded up the case of canned dog food, and then took off! I was nearly to the milk section, when I hear a man laughing, I looked up and it was our dear friend, Les Ferguson, who we always seem to run into, when we are shopping at H.E.B.! I started laughing with him! "I can't believe it, Les!" I said. "We meet again!" Les shook his head and kept on laughing! "I am going to blog about this tonight!" I lied to him, but not intentionally.

While checking out, I called Tony and got directions to where they were parked. Ten feet away from Trigger, I hear, "Hello, Cousin Nancy!" It was Richard and his wife, Jane, who are our friends and neighbors—who live fifteen miles away! We started talking, and then Tony climbed out of Trig and joined our conversation. We mainly talked about birds, bird feeders, and the high cost of thistle and the varmits that it attracts. "Then we started getting all of these squirrels, and then wheat and corn start growing in our front yard!" I stated. "We have two pole systems—if you want them?" They declined.

When we got home, after putting up the groceries, Tony rounded up the chop saw, drill and an extension cord, and then unloaded the lumber for me! I was ready to build my cabinet! I had all kinds of problems with it, and bless T., he helped me undo my mess, several times! Kinky called me about five o'clock wanting me to come over to the Lodge. "I can't right now, because I am trying to build a cabinet," I said. "I should be finished in about an hour, and then I will come over to see you." Well, I lied, again, for the second time yesterday, but not intentionally.

"Kinky," I said. "This is Nancy. I'm sorry for not getting over there, we finally just finished the cabinet and I am fixin' to go to bed. I'll come over tomorrow morning and drink some coffee with you, and you can tell me all of your good news." And, that wasn't a lie!

Here is a picture of the boards, that finally turned into this, just a little before eight o'clock last night! Thank you, Tony—I love you!

Tony and I have to take off for Kerrville now, because we are meeting Kinky for lunch at Luby's! Sorry, Mari!
To Be Continued...

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