Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cousin Nancy Unplugged!

Tonight's blog is going to be short, because it is raining, and thundering outside! And as y'all know—I unplug during storms.

This morning, I only walked five fast miles with Leslie, because I had a lot of paperwork to do, and several phone calls to return—and that is my excuse! Today, Ben came down from Austin to work at the rescue ranch, and he brought me two presents— a brick of Miles of Chocolate, and a new Miles of Chocolate cap! I told him that I would only wear it for special occasions! Thank you, Ben, I really love my new cap, and I can never get enough of y'all's chocolate!

I saw Kinky this morning and we had a short vistit. He is all pumped up about our upcoming event out here.

It just thundered, and four seconds later—one one hundred, two one hundred, three one hundred and four one hundred—it just lightened, again! Yikes!

Today was a great day for me, until Tony informed me about a news cast that he caught, that said—Texas is the number one state, in the nation— for fat people! And that really depressed me, even though I am no longer bigger than a barn, and now the size of a trailer closet.

Okay, it just thundered again, so I must go unplug! I'm outta here!

Y'all have a great evening!

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Simply Cindy Lou said...

Nancy fat is a term that unhappy skinny people use to describe those of us that are cushioned for life. Oh and I don't like being called pleasingly plump. If you are pleased with me then don't say I'm plump.