Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Need To Talk To You!

I hope that all of y'all had a great weekend! Yesterday, after walking another eight fast miles, with Leslie, I spent most of my day off— working inside my writing cabin. I finished refinishing the floor, and then I feng shuied it, and it looks so beautiful! I love my writing cabin—it's a feel good place for me!

This morning, after walking another eight fast miles—Kinky called. He invited me to come over, but I couldn't because I had business to take care of. Then Tony comes inside the trailer, to tell me that Buttermilk is sick, again! "She won't start up. It's not the battery, it comes on when I turn the key. She tries to start, but the engine won't kick in. It's like she is not getting any gas. We just filled her up a few days ago. I don't know what's the matter with her." That was news—that I didn't want to hear.

"She's just old, like you and me," I said, trying to be positive. Then I went back to doing my paperwork. At eleven-forty-six, the phone rang, and I let Carlton take the call—I was busy. "Nancy, this is Sandy. Y'all need to come see us. And, tell Tony that we are glad that he didn't get hit by that crazy motorcyclist. Bye."

At one fifteen, Trigger, Tony and I left the rescue ranch—headed to Wolfmuellers Books. When we walked inside the bookstore, Sandy greeted us! Their store was filled with customers. We had a fun visit, and just as we were leaving, Sandy picked up a brochure and handed it to me. "Have y'all been to the Southwest Gourd Fine Art Show, across the street, at the Kerr Arts and Cultural Center?"

"No," I said. "A gourd show?"

"Yes, it is unbelievable!" Sandy replied. "Y'all have got to go see it! Go check it out now." Tony and I did as we were told. We left Wolfmueller's Books, crossed the street and entered the building hosting the gourd show.

Oh my gosh—I was blown away with the beautiful gourds and so was Tony! I couldn't believe they were gourds! We're talkin' beautiful pots and whimsical art! By the time Tone and I had admired every piece—I was in love with gourds, and wanted to try my hand, at making one! Then we left. "Tony, I wonder if I can use a watermelon or one of our future pumpkins?" I said, as we crossed the street. Tone just looked at me and smiled.

"Hi Sandy and Jon!" I said, as we walked inside. "We loved that gourd show, and thank you for telling us about it! Those gourds were awesome! I want to make one. Do y'all have any books on gourd making?"

"Follow me," Sandy said. I did as I was told. We went into their office, and Sandy handed me a copy of, 'The Gourd Book." Here, we just got these in. Take it." I took it, after Sandy had shown me some very interesting pictures of gourds.

Then we went back to the front of the store, where Jon and Tony were visiting at the checkout counter. And, that's when I saw some J. Frank Dobie books on sale! I couldn't resist! I love J. Frank! I grabbed all three of his books, plus another book that Sandy recommended for us to read, about Big Foot Wallace, who T. is related to! After a fun, but short visit, because they were busy with customers, we left their store and came back home.

Kinky had called twice, when I checked the answering machine, so I called him. "Nance, can you come over? I need to talk to you!"

Three minutes later, after going over the river and through the woods—I was at the Lodge. Kinky greeted me at the gate, along with the Friedmans. I was so glad to see Chumley back at the ranch. Kinky had picked him up early this morning, and his tail was wagging wildly! He was glad to be home!

Kinky and I had a fun visit. We talked about the upcoming event with Jerry Jeff and Ramblin Jack, some ranch business, self publishing, and a few other current topics. Two and a half hours later, Trigger returned me to the rescue ranch.

Y'all have a great evening!

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DY_Goddess said...

So glad Chumley is feeling better! There's no place like home ; ))