Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fay And Garnet Rock!

This morning, I walked eight miles! Yeah! I know that that sounds like a lot, but it took an hour and forty minutes. After getting cleaned up, I checked my blog and e-mails. My blog had one new comment, from Fay and it made me smile. I had eleven e-mails, but the one that made me smile, too, was from my friend, Garnet S., who lives in Utopia, Texas! Fay adopted Kris Kristofferson from us and Garnet and her husband, Sandy adopted Reba McIntyre from us years ago! Why they made me smile, was because they both have started walking with Leslie Sansone—and they love her walking DVDs, too! Fay and Garnet Rock and y'all keep on walking!

After lunch, Kinky brought over his friend, Jason, from Austin, who in 2004 had adopted Sponge Bob from us! We gave Jason a tour of the ranch, and then the four of us went into Outer Space for a fun visit! Jason told me that Sponge Bob, who they renamed Echo—is the greatest dog his family has ever had! He told us that Sponge weighs eighty-seven pounds and they love him!

"Jason, Sponge Bob was one of twelve pupplies born here," I said. "In fact, I wrote a story about him in my book, that I titled: 'Oh Crappy Day!' Do you have a copy of my book?"

"No, I didn't know you wrote one."

"I'll be right back, let me go get you a copy." I then left Outer Space, came inside the trailer and went to my office, down the hall, to get a copy of my book. Before returning to Outer Space, I inscribed the book: 'For Jason, Sponge Bob's story is on page 184. Thank you for adopting Echo from us!' Then I went back into Outer Space and gave him the book.

We visited for over forty minutes, mainly talking about Echo, the rescue ranch, and self publishing. Then they left to go discuss some business. over at the Lodge.

It was basically a quiet afternoon, and I took care of some new paperwork and returned phone calls until I was caught up.

Y'all have a great evening!

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