Monday, May 18, 2009

I Was A Gracious Loser!

I am sorry for not blogging yesterday, I was exhausted, because I had walked eight fast miles, in the morning, and had not slept well, the night before, because of my upset stomach. So, yesterday afternoon, I took a nap with my dogs, and slept two hours! I've never taken a two hour nap! Then me and my dogs watched the movie, 'Last Chance Harvey,' and I loved it! After that I went to bed, and had some really odd dreams.

This morning I overslept! I didn't wake up until eight o'clock—and that threw me into first gear! After swallowing two baby aspirins, I quickly fed our six hungry dogs and Lucky, the cat. As soon as they had eaten, I started preparing our morning smoothie in our Vita- Mix machine. The ingredients were an apple, banana, a chunk of raw ginger, kale, a carrot, wheat germ, flaxseed, orange juice, blueberries, honey, cinnamon, and a radish—and it was delicious! Tone and I drank all of it.

Following breakfast, while Queen Bee was busy washing our dirty laundry—I walked five fast miles with Leslie! Just as I had finished huffing and puffing—Kinky called! "Nance, we're fixing to come over there."

"That sounds great, Kink!" I said. "But, you need to give me fifteen minutes, so I can shower and get cleaned up. I just finished walking five miles. Okay?" Kinky laughed, and then we said our goodbyes.

Fifteen minutes later, or eleven seconds after I had walked out of the bathroom—clean and fully dressed—Kinky arrived with his friends Lori and Joe! After introductions, Kinky, Tony and I took them on a tour of the rescue ranch. Lori fell in love with L.T. and she and Kinky went into the pen and played with her. L.T. loved it!

When the tour was completed, I invited everyone to go into Outer Space, and we had a really fun time! Thirty minutes later, after I had given Lori, my last copy of my book—it was time for them to leave. Kinky had talked them into going to Kerrville, to eat at that restaurant, with half of its sign still on the ground! I cringed at the thought, and because I really like these two people, I suggested that they eat Rolaids before and after eating their meals. Then Kinky jokingly argued with me about it being a great restaurant. Again, he was talking to deaf ears. My last comment to him was, "Fine Kinky. You are what you eat."

As we walked to Mr. Green Jeans, Tony invited Joe and Lori to come into the Space Ship—and they thought it was pretty cool! Then they loaded up in Green Jeans with Kinky—and left the rescue ranch. I then came inside the trailer, and returned some phone calls, and then Buttermilk took T. and me to Kerrville to run some errands.

As Tony and I were leaving H.E.B., I saw a magazine rack, and saw Harley's picture on the cover of it! I had seen the magazine, last week, on Harley's live web cam, with him on the cover—so I grabbed a copy of the Kerr County People—The premier magazine celebrating the people and life of Kerr County!

As T. steered Buttermilk homeward, I read out loud, the great article about Harley Belew, written by Larry Arnold! Tony and I loved it! Y'all can check it out at: It is a great magazine, and I wish it all of the success!

Early this evening, Kinky called. "Nance, how are you doing?"

"I'm fine Kinky."

"Copper is over here. You want to come over and visit with us?" Ten minutes later, I was parking Buttermilk over at the Lodge. Copper, Kinky and I had a really nice visit inside the Lodge! And, Copper and I caught up with each other's news, in between Kinky's constant phone calls.

After his last phone call, "How about a game of pool, Nance?" Kinky asked. "It will give you something to blog about tonight." The three of us laughed, and then Kinky racked up the balls. Kinky broke up the rack of balls—sinking a stripe, and the cue ball in different pockets! I then realized that I actually had a chance to win! The game was short and sweet.

"I won! I can't believe it! It has been over six months since I beat Kinky in a game of pool!" I said, with joy, and in disbelief. "Look Copper, Kinky still has three balls left on the table!"

Kinky laughed. "Yeah, and two of them are mine. Congratulations, Cousin Nancy. Be sure to tell your readers that I was a gracious loser, too." After Copper and I had quit laughing, I promised him that I would.

Y'all have a great evening!


Lori Freese said...

Hi Cousin Nancy!
It was just wonderful meeting you, Tony, the animals and getting to spend time with yáll in Outer Space and on that GORGEOUS deck! Thank you so much for your kindness! I am absolutely loving you book and can't get Paul out of my mind, during the concert I sure would like to spend some more time with him L.T. is a doll, but Paul just may have my heart =)
Hope all is well with you!
Many Blessings and much love
Lori Freese =)

cousin nancy said...

Hello Lori! Tony and I really enjoyed meeting you and Joe! And, I am glad that y'all had the time to go into Outer Space with us! I hope that the restaurant didn't make y'all sick. It made me sick, that y'all were going to eat there. As for Sir Paul, please visit with him, when you come up for the event—we, he would love it!
All you need is love! Thank you for your comment!