Thursday, May 7, 2009

Heard It Through The Grapevine!

Part 2. of 'Here Comes The Judge!' (Dedicated to Mari!)

After Carol, Tony and I had our serious discussion, it was time to change the subject, so I told a joke, that Fay had e-mailed to me, last week. "You, know how when people go to their high school reunion—everyone thinks that everybody has really aged, except for them. Okay, well there's this old woman, that is my age—57, and it is her first time to go to her new dentist. While she is waiting on the 'Keeper of the Tooth,' she starts reading the diplomas on the wall, and quickly realizes that she and her dentist attended the same high school—at the same time! When the dentist enters the room—she is shocked at what she saw! The man was pudgy, wrinkled, bald and looked really old—we're talking ancient. The dentist says, 'Do you have any questions before we begin?' The woman clears her throat and says, "I was just reading your diplomas on the wall, and realized that you and I were at the same high school—at the same time.' The dentist then takes a step backwards, and then studies his patient closely, and then says, 'What subject did you teach?'" Carol and Tony laughed!

We then went into Outer Space for a visit. Carol told us about her fun trip, last week, to Costa Rica, along with some very funny incidents. Then we talked about horses, and by the time we were done with that—it looks like we are going to go camping this Fall, for eighteen hours or less, and she is going to bring her horses for us to ride! I can't wait to do it, and Tony was excited about cooking for us—using his dutch ovens—while Carol and I were off riding the range, and trading stories.

Carol thought Tony cooking for us sounded really neat, but she doesn't know that the only thing that Tony cooks really well, so far, in his dutch ovens—is beans and biscuits! And, they are truly delicious, but I can just see it now, Carol and me up on her horses, at sunrise, blazing a trail to somewhere, as we continually blame her horses for being overly gaseous!

Our last conversation, before Carol had to leave, was about making wine! "I know that wine making is a fine art," I stated. "But I have no clue on how to make it—even though I am pretty artistic."

Tony then tells us that he has an old friend, who is an expert at it, and he was going to give him a call! Even though none of us knew a thing about the wine making process, it didn't really matter, because we were already too busy thinking up names and logo designs for our private labels, and what we are going to name our vineyards! I don't know if it was the wine talking—but I know that we sure did a lot of laughing!

As we walked Carol out to her car, we came up with a secret sign for us, too! It is a 'W' using three fingers, like the peace sign, but with an extra finger—meaning Wine!

Yesterday, Tony helped me plant my grapevine in the garden! And, then my friend Cindy, came over for a visit. She loved the Playing For Change, too, and couldn't wait to share it with her friends!

Y'all have a great evening—especially Mari!

P.S. I've definitely decided to make boxed wine. I'm going to save my empty boxes, and funnel my wine into them and then seal it up with duct tape! And, thank you Fay for the joke! Kinky loved it, too!

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