Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Was A Gracious Loser, Again!

This morning I walked eight fast miles! Yeah! I did eight miles, because yesterday I ate a piece of carrot cake and a couple of cookies. I guess I was needing some comfort food yesterday. As soon as I had cleaned up after my workout—I spent my morning doing paper work and returning many phone calls.

For lunch, I made homemade chicken vegetable soup, and chicken salad. This time, I hand chopped the celery, apple and nuts and, I am proud to say, that our meal was delicious and healthy, and Tony loved it! Kinky called while I was washing the dishes, "Nance, are you there? Who's getting the mail today? Call me." Click.

A few minutes later, I returned Kinky's phone call. "Kinky, I will get the mail, and bring it over. Tony's gone to Medina to get some hog feed," I said. "I'll be over there in about fifteen minutes." Once again—I lied, but not on purpose. Then Buttermilk and I took off to go get the mail.

As we were on our way back to the ranch, with the mail, I saw Lana, the super nice woman, who adopted Muffy and Max—our two adorable, but somewhat lunatic poodles! We visited for about ten or fifteen minutes—talking about her 'Dynamic Duo' and their latest escapades! There was much laughing, as Muffy and Max took turns barking at me, and then wagging their tails wildly! They are still a handful, and are truly, two of the luckiest poodles in Texas! Thank you Lana—you're definitely going to heaven for adopting those two little, rowdy rascals!

After giving Kinky his mail, he and I talked about the upcoming June 13th event. Then he challenged me to another game of pool! Our game was fast—and I lost, with five balls still remaining on the table. And, please note—I was a gracious loser, too. Then Buttermilk took me home. When T. got home, I told him about Kinky beating me in pool.

A couple of hours later—Kinky called, again. "Nance, Perky is scratching like crazy. Can you come over and help me put some drops on her?" Six minutes later, while Kinky was in the middle of an important conference call—I put the preventative flea and tick drops on Perk's back. Then I went outside and played with the Friedmans, until Kinky came outside. He and I had a short visit by the Friedman Family Bone Orchard, and then I came back home, again.

When I returned home, I answered more e-mails and returned more phone calls. Around four-thirty, Kinky called, again! "Nance, FedEx just delivered the jacket artwork for the 'Pet Files' book, and it is absolutely beautiful! I know that I have asked you to come over twice today—but I can't wait for you to see this! Can you come over?"

"Tony, Kinky just called me. He wants me to come over there, so he can show me the jacket artwork for 'Kinky Friedman's Celebrity Pet Files,' book, okay? I'll be right back."

"Wait a minute. I want to go, too, Nance," Tone said. Four minutes later, Tony and I were admiring the beautiful jacket cover artwork—in Kinky's kitchen. It was totally awesome!

"Kinky, this is the best jacket cover—that you have ever had! I love it!" I said. "You look great, and their's Goo, Brownie, Chum, Perk, and David Beckham, too! You know that Beck is leaving this week, to go live at the Trails End Guest House, bed and breakfast?"

"I know. I'm really going to miss Beck," Kinky said. "Are we going to be able to visit him?" My answer was yes, then I was interrupted.

"Kinky, let's play a game of pool," Tony said, as he was racking up the pool balls.

"Sure, Tone. You want me to beat you, too?" Kinky teased. "I beat Nance earlier today. I'm on a roll..."

It was a fast, exciting game! As Tony and I were fixin' to leave the Lodge, Kinky said, "Nance, be sure to blog, that I was a gracious loser, again." I promised Kinky that I would. Tony Rules!

Y'all have a great evening!

P.S. Today, I received an e-mail from my good friend, Pat S.! She is the multi-talented woman, who is our web master for the utopiarescue.com—web site! She told me that Ghost Dog, aka Nash—now Bernie, and Kahlua—who is now Brandi, are doing fantastic and they get along great with Taylor (Taylor, aka Jane Fonda, that she adopted from us last year)! Pat and Harold have had the dogs teeth cleaned, and they had Kahlua, I mean Brandi, tested for thyroid, because she is so fat. Fortunately, Brandi is just fat, and she is now on a diet! Pat told me that Kahlua is now up to walking two miles a day, before tiring, and Bernie is doing fabulous, but they are having to watch him around their kitty. And, Pat told me that Brandi loves the kitten, and gives her big sloppy kisses! I am so glad that y'all have our dogs! You and Harold Rock—Big Time!"

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