Friday, May 22, 2009

Martha Stewart Showed Up, Again!

I have been a little down lately, because my best friend, Cindy P. is moving to New Mexico, and I am really going to miss her. Cindy and I go way back. We've been there for each other in the best and the worst of times. The other reason, I'm sad, is because I love Susan, Tom and Ben Price. Tom has fought cancer for over a year, and his time is now short. It just makes me want to cry everytime I think about it. I'm sure that many of you have had great friends move away, and you have also dealt with someone close to you, who is fighting cancer. As my dear friend, Dr. Harry Barnard, up in Missouri, once told me, "Getting old ain't for sissies." How true. I guess that you could say, that I am one big sissie. It's true that I am, but I wish that I wasn't. Oh well.

Yesterday, Cindy called me—she was back from New Mexico, and she wanted to come over to see me! While I waited for Cindy to arrive, I watched Oprah, and thank goodness I did! Oprah's show was about Skyping. I already knew a little bit about Skyping, but I learned a lot more about it, yesterday! Just as the show was ending—Cindy arrived!

"Hi Cindy!" I said. "I am so excited! I just watched Oprah, and her show was about Skyping—that's how we can stay in touch, when you move to New Mexico—we can Skype!" I told Cindy everything that I had learned about Skyping and she was all for it! She and I then went into Outer Space and caught up with each other's news, and she showed me pictures of her solar powered home! I was so happy for her, but more happy for me—since I knew that we could Skype!

This morning, after walking eight fast miles, Martha Stewart showed up at my front door with Jim, our great dog walking volunteer, and my dogs went to barking! "Hi Jim, I half-hollered, between the glass door. Please take Martha out of our front yard—then I will come outside." Jim and Martha walked away.

After they left the yard, I went outside and visited with Jim and Martha. Martha, an adorable Beagle, was returned to us, after a year and a half, because her caregivers could no longer keep her. They knew Jim, and they had asked him to bring her back to us. Jim and I had a fun visit. Martha is now L. T.'s roommate, and they seem to really like each other! Here is a picture of Martha! She is a great dog and she needs a 'Forever Home' now! Please help us get her adopted!

After lunch, Tone and I had to go to Kerrville to stock up on groceries for the weekend, because we don't want to be on the roads during the Memorial Day Weekend—it is too dangerous. We decided to go to Wal Mart first, because I wanted to buy a web cam, so I could start learning how to Skype, before Cindy permanently moves to the 'Land of Enchantment!'

Just as we were entering the store, we heard a familiar voice, "Hi Tony and Nancy," Les said! Tone and I said hello, and then we all started laughing! "Les, this is a first for us! We always run into you at H.E.B. and now—Wally World!" We visited for about a minute, and then Les took off, and we headed to the electronics department.

We found a web cam by Logic-something, and put it into our cart, then we filled our cart with our weekend necessities and checked out. Buttermilk returned us to the rescue ranch before two o'clock. After putting up our groceries, I quickly balanced my checkbook, then I opened up the web cam box!

Fifteen minutes later, after reading the manual, and setting up the web cam, above my lap top, I shoved the software CD into my computer. I double clicked the CD—and nothing happened! I tried again, and again, then I looked at the box, to discover it was for Windows—not Macs! Talk about a downer! "Tony," I hollered from the kitchen. "It doesn't work! It's for Windows."

Tony came down the hall to the kitchen. "I'm sorry, Nance. I should have checked the box. Keep the receipt, so we can return it on Tuesday."

Y'all have a great evening!


DY_Goddess said...

She's a doll, look at that pretty face! I'll send a wish out into the universe for her to find her forever home really soon. Although she's back, I'm glad they brought her safe to you & Tony.

Sorry to hear about your friends leaving Nance, I know how that feels. I'm glad you heard about Skype and can keep in touch with Cindy. I love the sound of her solar powered house, that rocks! I'd love to build a small home that is completely off the grid, with a solar powered, drilled well. 100% energy self-sufficient!

I've typed too much, as usual ; )) My dog is following me around as I do my cleaning up and down stairs. He keeps harumphing everytime he has to get up & follow me LOL! Oh well, back to my domestic diva duties.
Have a great weekend everybody!!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! I want a solar powered house, too! They are so cool! Thank you for your comment, and please give Kris a hug from me!