Thursday, May 21, 2009

It Was The Best Of Times!

"Tony? Are you ready to go?" I asked.

"Nance, it's five-thirty. We don't have to leave for ten minutes."

"I'll bet you, that Carol will be down at the road waiting for us, if we leave now."

Tone shook my hand, "You're on. Let's go."

When we arrived at Highway 16—Carol was parked, and waiting for us! "Look, Tone—I win," I said, as we got out of Buttermilk. Tony said nothing, as he locked up the Explorer. Then we went over to Carol's giant truck. I climbed into the back seat, so T. could ride shotgun. After greetings, Carol asked us if we knew how to find the Trail's End Guest House.

"Yes, we do, and we brought Garmin—just in case we need her help," I said, as I unzipped my purse, and pulled Tony's GPS out, and handed it to him.

"I've got a present for you, Nancy!" Carol said, wearing a big grin on her face. She reached into a sack, and then handed me an old, over ripe banana—I guessed for our compost pile. Before I could say thank you, she said, "It's a Plantain, for you to cook for you and Tony! They had them at Wal Mart! I couldn't believe they had them!" Then I thanked her.

Last Saturday night, Carol had cooked Plantain, for all of us, and that was the very first time that I had ever eaten one—it was delicious! I just didn't know what they looked like.

Thirty minutes later, with the help of Garmin—we arrived, fashionably late, at the coolest bed & breakfast in Kerrville, Texas! Oh my gosh, David and Desiree's place was absolutely beautiful, charming, and it had the best of vibes! I loved it! Jon and Sandy saw us, and waved for us to come join them. "Nancy," Carol said. "I love this place!" Tony and I agreed with her.

After meeting up with Sandy and Jon, Tony and I took Carol and introduced her to Desiree and David. It was all hugs and handshakes. "David and Desiree, I love y'all's place. Can I come live here," I asked, trying to sound serious. In less than five minutes, D & D had introduced us to Desiree's sweet parents, David and Shirley, their friend and employee, Sheila, and then our friends, Betty and Lloyd walked up to greet us, as Sheila poured Carol and me, a glass of some of their fine house wine! It was a mellow wine, and really delicious! "David, I love y'all's wine, it's almost as good as my boxed wine," I teased.

I would guess that there were over a hundred people there, and everywhere that I looked, all I saw were friendly people, all wearing smiles, and enjoying the evening. Then Carol took off to visit with Lloyd and Betty. "Claudia," Sandy said. "I want you to meet Cousin Nancy. Nancy, Claudia and I went to school together. We've known each other since we were kids." I reached out my hand and shook hands with Claudia.

"So you're Sandy's cousin?" Claudia said. "It's nice to meet you! Sandy, I didin't know you had a cousin Nancy."

Sandy and I chuckled. "She's not my cousin—she's everyone's cousin." Claudia looked a little confused. She and I had a fun visit talking about animal rescue. She rescues animals, too! Then Carol joined us over by the pool, as we visited and stared at the beautiful view. It was awesome!

After visiting with Claudia, Tony, Carol and I went over to the restaurant, to sample some of Chef David's food. Oh my gosh—we're talkin' five star cuisine! Seriously, the three of us could not quit sampling David's mouth watering food, that he continuously kept replacing with new side dishes that he had prepared! I didn't feel self-conscience about stuffing myself, because everyone else in the restuarant was, too.

But, when my Levi's got a little too snug, in the waist line—I quit eating, and so did Carol and Tony. We left the restaurant, and I am proud to say, that I didn't ask for a doggie bag, even though I wanted to.

When we returned to the wine bar for seconds. Sandy and Claudia were sitting at a table chatting, so Jon, Carol, Tony and I, took D & D's advice, and went to check out their many cozy cabins.

The cabins were all adorable. ! I especially loved the 'Writer's Cabin' and I was ready to move in! "Tone, we need to come back here, and spend a night in that 'Writer's Cabin," I said. T. agreed with me.

After leaving 'my cabin,' we followed a trail, that led us to their goat pen! We petted the goats for several minutes, and then we wandered off, and found 'The Retreat!" The four of us could not believe how big it was, and how cozy it was—it felt like home! "Y'all," I said. "We need to get Rick and Leisa, John, Lorri, and Pete and Kelly to come up here, and spend a weekend with all of us! Wouldn't that be fun!" The three all agreed with me! I think we are going to try to do it this fall!

We left the Trail's End Guest House about dark-thirty, and talked non-stop about how much fun that we had had. It was the best of times! I wish y'all could have been there! Y'all have a great evening!

P.S. I walked eight miles this morning with Leslie! I had to, because I pigged out last night! And, I almost forgot to tell you that, D & D told us that Beckham's pen has been built! They have poured a slab for his pig house—and it is going to be ready in a few weeks and it will be air conditoned! David Beckham is going to love it there, and be in 'hog heaven!' Not bad for a wild hog!


DY_Goddess said...

Oh! I love your blog about D&D's B&B, it sounds wonderful!I have looked at their website a few times since you posted the link, it looks so beautiful.
I'm happy for Beckham, how big is he getting? He's one lucky hog!

cousin nancy said...

Howdy Fay! The Trail's End Guest House is so cool! When you come down for a visit, I will definitely take you over there!. Beck has it made in the shade!