Saturday, March 20, 2010

We Love Republic Harley-Davidson In Stafford, Texas!

It is nine-twenty and Tony and I just walked inside the trailer. This evening Kinky invited us to go to the Medina Library Spring Fling to celebrate the newly completed landscape beautification project because he was asked to do a talk and visit with the visitors attending the celebration and we really enjoyed ourselves.

When we arrived at six-thirty it was forty-three degrees outside and the wind was howling down Main Street. As T. and I walked to the library a big fancy black truck pulling a big fancy trailer passed by us and our jaws dropped. "Tony!" I said. "That was Craig Slovak of Republic Harley-Davidson down in Stafford, Texas that just went by!" (Craig's Republic Harley-Davidson is the dealership in Stafford that is doing a "Ride for Harley-Ray" rally on April 24th to help our rescue ranch."

"I know, Nance," Tony said as we waved at the truck that was turning around down by the Old Timer and was now heading our way. As we stood in the middle of the road of downtown Medina on Highway 16 Craig pulled up to us and stopped and he quickly introduced us to his beautiful wife Mary and then we talked briefly before Craig parked his fancy rig that now has our logo on the trailer.

Craig and Mary had come up to the library event so they could get some pictures of Kinky sitting on the "Kinky" custom Harley that they are going to raffle off in October with all of the proceeds going to our rescue ranch to help our dogs. We love these people! Then Kinky arrived. Here are some pictures that T. and I took of the pickup and trailer and the beautiful custom "Kinky" Harley. The last picture is of Gina who works for Craig posing on the soon to be "Hog for Dogs."

The back fender

The side tank. Please note how the artist painted smoke around the artwork.

And here is our friend Gina who is maybe going to adopt a dog from us ready to go for a ride with Kinky.

I am pooped and fixin' to go to bed because it is nearly ten o'clock. 

Y'all have a great evening!

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Roger said...

Craig and Gina are some great people! That is one good looking mototcycle, how much are the raffle tickets? Can a Kansan buy one?