Thursday, March 18, 2010

But Not To Brag!

Today has been so much fun! This morning Tony woke me up at six-thirty so I could do the Harley Show at 7:45. At seven-thirty-two the phone rang and it was Rick Reichenbacher down in Port Aransas. "Good morning, Cousin Nancy. I've got everybody down in Port A. ready to watch the Harley Show and it is not up on the internet."

"I know, Rick. I just logged on and it is not on."

"Maybe you should call Harley and let him know..." After hanging up the phone I called the Rose 99.9.

"Good morning, this is Rick."

"Hi, Rick. This is Cousin Nancy. I know that I am calling in early but..."

"Hi, Cousin Nancy. I'm doing the show for Harley this morning because he had to go to San Antonio to be at..."

"Rick, I just got a call from Rick, a good friend of mine down in Port A. and he told me that y'all's live web cam is down..." Two minutes later the live web cam was online and I was talking to Rick live. After telling Rick that Marlin was Harley's Pet of the Week I said, "Rick, would you mind if I did a shout out to all of my friends in Port Aransas?"

"Go right ahead, Cousin Nancy," Rick said.

"I want to do a shout out to Rick and Leisa and Pete and Kelly. And I want to say congratulations to Leisa's little dog Squirt, that she adopted from their pound down there. Squirt is now officially the fastest dog in Port Aransas." Rick laughed and we had a fun on-air visit.

After walking six miles with my friend Leslie Sansone my sister Cindy called me. She wanted to know if today was a good day for her and her husband Ray to come down from Austin for a visit. And of course my answer was yes.

While our great volunteers: Meghan, Matt and Lisa helped Tony outside with his chores, Ben Welch was busy mowing the tall grass, while I cleaned up the trailer.

When Cindy and Ray arrived at noon our trailer looked like we didn't live here thank goodness for  Hazel. We had so much fun.

I played the drums for them on my new/used electronic digital drum kit and then they took turns banging on the drums and they loved it. Then T. showed them his portable Photo Booth and we all laughed as Tony popped it open and then broke it down in the front yard.

When we came inside the trailer Ray wanted to check out the score on his old alma mater, Villanova which was playing in the March Madness college basketball tournament. With only ten minutes left to play Villanova was behind and Ray was sick that it wasn't being televised so I went to my laptop sitting on the kitchen table and typed in and found the game for him.

As Ray and Tony watched the game inside Cindy and I went into Outer Space and we had a great visit and caught up with each other's news. Minutes later Ray came outside and came into Outer Space to tell us that the game was tied and had gone into overtime, then he went back inside the trailer to watch the game with Tone.

A few minutes later Ray and Tony came outside. "Villanova won!" Ray said and all of us were glad because he and their son Adam, had bought tickets to watch the playoffs in Houston next week. Then we went into the Space Ship and they loved the breakfast nook that I had built awhile back. Then we came back inside the trailer and took turns drumming. "I love this! I'm going to watch Craig's List and get us one," Cindy declared as she happily pounded away on the drum kit. She was pretty good, but not to brag she wasn't as good as me.

My sister and Ray left around four o'clock this afternoon and I hated to see them leave because we were having so much fun. Around six o'clock I went over to the Lodge and had a nice visit with Will and Kinky.

P.S. I loved the movie "Precious!"

Y'all have a great evening!

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