Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This morning I overslept and I woke up at the new eight o'clock. My knee was aching this morning and I had a lot of paperwork to do so I skipped walking with Leslie. As of right now I am only one mile behind my schedule of walking five miles everyday.

I spent most of the day doing paperwork and around five o'clock Tony and I went over to the Lodge and had a nice visit with him and then we came home. It was a quiet day and that's about all of the news that I have.

I am fixin' to watch the movie "Precious" while T. watches a Spurs game. Happy Birthday, Katelyn!

Y'all have a great evening!

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DY_Goddess said...

Hey Nancy! Love and miss you, sorry I've been so busy. Just wanted to let you know that I can't read your blog properly, I'm not sure why. It's got error messages at the top and the format is way too wide.
Anyone else complain about this, or am I just plain ol' special? As in short yellow bus special... let me know ; ))
Love ya Nance! Miss you!!
F. xo