Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chia Pet!

We had so much fun last night with Sandy and Jon. When they arrived we invited them inside the trailer before going into Outer Space so we could show them my new laughing pig in motion. When Tony switched the on switch on my little pink pig he set it on the floor and it did exactly what it had done in my video clip and Sandy and Jon thought it was pretty funny.

After Tony turned it off, we told Jon that we wanted to show him how hard it is to turn the little pink thing off so Tone showed him where the on/off switch was located and then he turned the pig back on and handed it to Jon. We all laughed as we watched Jon try to turn it off as it wildly gyrated and laughed at him. It took over a minute for Jon to turn it off. "Now you know what I was going through," I said, "when I turned it on inside Buttermilk yesterday as we were heading home. You really have to wrestle with it..." Then we grabbed our drinks and went into Outer Space for a really fun visit.

One of the reasons I love Sandy and Jon is because they are so funny and they always make me laugh a lot, and last night my back started hurting from laughing so much. Before leaving I loaned them three of my favorite movies "Starsky & Hutch" starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, "Dan In Real Life" and "Up." The main reason that I am telling you this is to document the movies that I loaned out to them, just in case I forget who I loaned them to or they forget to return them—a common problem that many senior citizens share.

This morning after walking six miles with Leslie Sansone inside, I went outside to thank Lisa for coming out. Matt didn't come out today because he had something that he needed to take care of. I visited with our dogs as I walked to find Lisa. I finally found her in Dr. John's and Maggie's pen and then we had a really fun visit. As always Lisa was upbeat and she had me laughing in under a minute. During our "hen-party" Tone hollered from afar, "Slackers!" And then he drove up in Kermit and joined us.

Before I took off for the trailer I invited Lisa to come up to the house so I could show her my new pink pig toy and to get her to try to turn it off like we did with Jon. Five minutes later Lisa was laughing at my pig as it laughed and rolled around on the floor. "I have got to get one of these!" Lisa exclaimed. Then we put her to the test. We laughed as she tried to outsmart the stuffed toy and it only took her three minutes. So far for the fastest time to disengage the pig— Tony is in first place, Jon Wolfmueller is in 2nd place and Lisa is in 3rd place and since I have never been able to turn it off I am in last place. And tomorrow if Matt comes out we plan to put him to the test. I will keep y'all posted.

After Lisa left I went over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky and we discussed the pros and cons of selling his pool table. Before leaving his Lodge we decided to put it on hold for a few days so that is where we are with that.

I spent the rest of my day doing paperwork. And I am proud to say that I am totally caught up with it until tomorrow! After I was done with the paperwork I checked my e-mail. I had over fifty new e's since this morning, but the one I was most interested in was from my friend Donna "The Drummer" Schloss! And if everything works out I might be getting my electronic drum pad tomorrow! AndI can't wait!

Around five o'clock this evening Tony and I went outside and we weed-eated our entire front-yard. Even though I mowed it just the other day—it has grown back so fast because of the rain, warm temperatures and sunshine.

When we finally turned our weed-eaters off T. teased me because I was covered in chopped-up pieces of green grass and weeds from head-to-boot and Tony wasn't, so I asked him why. "Nance, you need to hold it horizontal and not tilt it..." He said as he helped me wipe off the green stuff. "I wish I had my camera with me because you are totally green—including your glasses! You look like a Cousin Nancy Chia Pet." Then he started laughing. "You want me to get the hose?"

Before I end this post tonight, I want to do a shout-out tonight to "Mark in Mississippi" who I found out reads my blog! Thank you, Mark for reading it! Mississippi—Wow! A little birdie told me today that—You Rock!"

Y'all have a great evening!


Anonymous said...

Hey cuz.... thank you so much for the kind words, i am honored that you would take time to mention me in your blog... you and your staff are the best.. keep doing what you do i love it..thinking about yall. Sincerely Mark......P.S. Hi Lisa.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mark, thank you for the comment and I will let Lisa know and thanks for reading my blog.