Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another Comma Coma!

Today was Open House and we had a few people come out to look at our dogs but unfortunately, no one went home with one of our super dogs.

In-between the visitors I worked on my book until I realized that I was sliding into another one of my self-induced "Comma Comas" brought on by the removal of the countless commas that I had sprinkled on every page in my book. Please note: I did not use one comma in the last sentence and I am seriously thinking about never using a comma in anything that I write from here on out. I am convinced that it would be much faster and easier on me if I just let my next editor tell me where to insert a comma.

After I deleted the last comma for today I closed the lid on my laptop and set my book aside and I tried to think of something fun to do outdoors because it was so pretty outside—then it hit me. "Tone!" I half-hollered down the hallway. "Will you help me give Mama and Abbie a bath outside?" Then I heard the sound of silence so I repeated my request a little bit louder. There was no response so I went down the hall to Tone's office. He was sitting at his desk busily planting and plowing (nothing) on his Facebook farm. "T. could I get you to help me wash Mama and Abbie, please?"

"Give me two minutes. I've got to harvest some strawberries and then I will help you. Okay?"

Ten minutes later we were in our backyard giving Mama a bath which she made real clear to us that she did not want, by constantly shaking off the suds and water. As soon as we were done with her bath she ran around the yard rolling in the dirt and fresh cut grass to show her disapproval. By the time we were done with Abbie's bath, Tone and I were soaking wet and Mama's coat was green because her coat had collected all of the dead grass and weed cuttings from my last mowing. "Looks like Mama has turned into a Green Great Pyrenees, Tone!" I said. "And green is good for the planet."

When we came back inside the trailer Carlton was flashing! Carol had called at three fifty-four and she wanted to know if she and James could come over because they had something that they wanted to give to us. While I changed into some dry clothes T. returned Carol's call.

Ten minutes later Tony and I were outside greeting them as I wondered what was in the box that James was carrying. "I really like your pink overalls, Nancy," James said as the four of us went into Outer Space. James handed the box to me and they said, "This is a gift from James and me," Carol said as she and James were smiling ear to ear. "Open it."

Tony helped me open the big white box and I about fainted when I saw the Frontgate Atomic Digital Wall Clock with Caller ID and Weather Station! I couldn't believe it and neither could Tone! "Oh my God!" I said in total shock. "I love it, y'all! Tone it is just like theirs. Can you believe this, Tony?" Now all of us were grinning ear to ear. "Y'all this is too much! You shouldn't have..."

"We wanted you to have one too," Carol said. "We love ours and we love y'all."

Talk about flabbergasted—I was so excited about their super-gift I didn't know if my heart could take it and I was glad that I had taken a third aspirin an hour earlier after being in a "Comma Coma." "We love y'all too. Thank you, so much!" I said as T. carefully read the instruction manual.

After we talked about how cool the Atomic digital wall clock with Caller ID and weather station I went inside and brought out my new, used Yamaha electronic drum pad kit and sticks to show to Carol and James so Carol could drum on it. "I really like your pink drumsticks, Nancy," James said as I handed Carol my pretty, pink feathered sticks so she could drum on it.

"James, Nancy's favorite color is pink," Tony said. "As if you couldn't tell."

"Y'all, I haven't played the drums since I was in the fifth grade," Carol said. Then she did a few rumpa-pump-pums on the drum pads and she was really good. After that we talked about how excited we were that Lorri Park was coming out next weekend to visit Carol and James, with her new Californian boyfriend and then we talked about Maya, Carol's magical horse, and how well her training was going. Then the topic changed to their chickens and eBay. Then they had to leave so they could get home and put up their chickens.

Today turned out to be really fun and I want to thank and do a big shout-out to our good friends Carol and James. Thank you, Carol Vail and James Nash—Y'all Really Rock in my and Tony's book and we love you!

I'm fixin' to "hit the hay" early tonight and I have decided to not deal with the time change tonight and will reset all of my clocks tomorrow so I won't feel guilty about oversleeping tomorrow morning. And tomorrow after we get some "C" batteries for our new Atomic clock I will take a picture of it and post it tomorrow night.

Y'all have a great evening!

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