Sunday, March 28, 2010

Git-R-Done Day!

This morning after Tony had done his chores and I had walked eight miles with Les, we took off for Kerrville to get  some groceries, because our cupboards and freezer were nearly bare. As soon as we pulled out on Highway 16 I made an announcement. "Tone, I am taking tomorrow off and to borrow a popular phrase from Larry the Cable Guy, I'm declaring it "Git-R-Done Day!"

"Okay, Nance. What are you going to get done?" T. asked as we passed by Carol's ranch and rubbernecked to see if Carol and James were out riding their horses, but we didn't see them. "Have you talked to Carol?"

"Yes. We are taking them out to lunch this week to thank them for our Frontgate weather station..."

"Good," Tone said. So what are you planning on doing tomorrow?"

"We are going to Kerrville in the morning after Lisa and Matt get here so I can open up a new business checking account, get a dba for my new publishing company and apply for a sales tax number. Then we are going to Copies Plus to see Trisha. I've designed my cover for the book, but I need for her to help me put it all together into a large file. Then I am going to ask her to help me fix the page numbering problem and then my book is done and ready to be printed! I'm going to "Git-R-Done" tomorrow." Tone was thrilled with my news.

This afternoon Kinky called to ask me if I wanted to go for a short walk with him. Five minutes later, I looked at the clock on Kinky's wall and said, "I want to time our walk. It's four minutes past four, Kink." Then we took off with Brownie and Chumley.

I was thrilled when Kinky told me that Matt, Candice and Albert Einstein had come out to visit him today before heading back to Austin. He said he really enjoyed seeing them and he thought Albert was a  magnificent dog. As our walk started turning into a long walk as we climbed a steep hill, I told Kinky about "blowing it" yesterday and he laughed and thought it was really hilarious. Near the end of our walk I told Kinky about having the movie "Blind Side" and how much we had enjoyed watching it. When I started coughing, Kinky asked me if I would lend it to him so he could watch it tonight.

When we walked inside the Lodge I looked at the clock and said, "This is great! We went for a thirty-minute walk." We visited for a little bit longer then I left so I could go home to get "Blind Side" so Kinky and Frank could watch it tonight.

Five minutes ago the phone rang and I let Carlton take the call. It was Kinky. "Tony, Nance, Tone are you there?..." I picked up the phone.

"Hi, Kink. It's me. Do you want to talk to Tony?"


"Are y'all watching the movie?" I asked as I walked down the hall to give the phone to T.

"No, not yet. We're making popcorn right now," he sarcastically joked. Then I burst out laughing.

"Tone, Kinky wants to talk to you, but he can't talk long because they are making popcorn!" I heard Kinky laugh as I handed off the phone to Tony. I don't know what Kinky said to Tony but it made him laugh.

Y'all have a great evening!

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