Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Texas Fats!

This morning when I woke up I had very mixed emotions because March 3rd is a very significant day because it is the worst day of the year for me. Here are just a few examples:

Today is the fifteen year anniversary of my late husband's passing. Jim was only fifty-five when he died from cancer and broke my heart. He was a good man and I still think about him often.

Eight years ago today Tony and I left our beautiful mini-ranch in Utopia and moved the our trailer over here so we could be with the dogs and run the rescue ranch. At the time I did not want to leave Utopia or move over here and it took me a long time to adjust because I loved my ranch and the people of Utopia. Looking back I know that it was the right thing to do and so many positive things have happened since we moved and it has been fun and very interesting being Kinky's neighbor to say the least.

This morning I was sad for Kinky because he did not win the primary for Democratic Ag Commissioner and that depressed me. I wanted to call him but I felt it was best to wait and let him call me. So after feeding the fur-family, starting a load of laundry and making breakfast I decided to walk in hopes that it would improve my mood.

I felt much better after walking six miles with Leslie. Since Kinky still hadn't called me, I decided to pass the time and mow our overgrown front-yard. I asked Tony to bring me one of our hand-push-gas mowers because I knew the Green Goddess, my "green" push-mower that came without-an-engine couldn't cut the tall grass outside.

Ten minutes later, after Tone started the mower for me I was plowing away. After Lisa and Matt arrived the mower quit on me. "Tony! The mowers dead! Hi Lisa and Matt!" I hollered.

"Pull the rope!" Tony hollered, as Lisa and Matt waved at me.

I pulled on the rope but it wouldn't budge an inch. "Tony! I think it is broken! I pulled on the rope..." Lisa, Matt and Tone started walking towards me. I had a fun visit with Lisa and Matt as Tony worked on the mower. After T. got the mower started and I started mowing again, the three of them took off to do chores.

Thirty minutes later I was back inside the trailer looking outside the window admiring my work. Then I looked over at Carlton and he was flashing. I punched the play button and heard Kinky say, "Hey, Nance! Call me!" He sounded upbeat.

"Hi, Kinky! How are you doing?"

"I'm okay. Can you come over?" Two minutes later I was standing face to face with Kinky in his kitchen. He told me that last night had been a little rough and he had returned to the ranch late last night and he had only gotten a few hours of sleep because he couldn't fall to sleep. "Fortunately, I am feeling better by the minute..." I stayed for about ten minutes and then I returned to the rescue ranch.

 When I saw Lisa, Matt and Tony over by Mr. Rogers and Miss Dee's pen I stopped Trigger and went to talk to them. "Kinky is fine—just exhausted..."

This afternoon Lisa and Matt came back out to the rescue ranch with Melody and Laurie. And Lisa surprised me when she came inside the trailer with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me, and she had one to give to Kinky too, so we all went over to the Lodge to see Kinky!

Kinky was glad to see us but I could tell that he was tired. After Lisa gave him his beautiful bouquet of flowers she challenged The Medina Bulldog to a game of pool. After Kinky and all of us sat down to watch the pool tournament she came up with "Texas Fats" for her nickname. "You know, Minnesota Fats—Texas Fats," she explained to me.

The game was fun to watch but it didn't last real long. Medina Bulldog - 1, Texas Fats - 0. Before leaving the Lodge Kinky teased Tony about him still being the pool champion for over three weeks. Tony laughed and challenged Kinky to a game of pool for the championship but Kinky declined. "I am the pool champion," Kinky said, "I'm sorry, Tone. You are going to have to wait one more day to try to regain the title..." Then he laughed.

Y'all have a great evening!


Christy Cotter said...

Was a shame Kinky didn't come out ahead in the primaries. However... he had 43% of the vote!!
That's great!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Christy! Thanks for the comment.