Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I've Got Rhythm!

Today I have not been able to get a lot of work done because I am sick with "the crud." When I was on one of my coughing and sneezing jags while trying to walk six miles with Leslie, Tony walked inside  the trailer and told me that I was coughing and sneezing in perfect rhythm to four beats to the bar. "Nance, you're my walkin'-coughin'-sneezin' metronome. You ought to play your drums. Not really. You know I'm kidding. I hate drumming..." Then he went back outside and took off in Kermit to go do his chores.

I used up a small box of Kleenex while walking the walk with Leslie this morning. I did not want to walk this morning because I was feeling so puny, but I had to so I wouldn't fall too far behind on my walking New Year's resolution.

After mopping up my nose and coughing up a storm I spent the morning catching up on my e-mail and I am glad that I did because my good friend Mari of the NoMads sent me an e-mail identifying the bird that I thought was a Bald-headed Eagle which Tony told me after I had posted that blog that there is no such thing as a Bald-"headed" Eagle. In self defense I told Tone that Mrs. Reese,  my sixth grade Russian spy teacher, had taught me and my classmates that there was. Anyway, Mari checked with her friend Bill the bird-watcher and they both agreed that the bird I shot with my camera was a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk! Thank you, Mari and Bill—mystery solved.

I'm startin' to cough and sneeze again and it is startin' to thunder and lightning outside so this is it for tonight.  I  need to go unplug everything. Hopefully I will feel much better in the morning.

Y'all have a great evening!

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Roger said...

Nancy, hope you get to feeling better! Your dedication to walking is just pretty damn amazing, just a few more months and you have walked the distance from Wichita to the ranch!