Friday, March 5, 2010

A Real Hit!

Today has been fun. This morning while I was walking eight miles inside the trailer Tony and Ben were outside working and I didn't know that our great dog-walking volunteers: Ellen, Jim, Lisa and Matt were outside walking our dogs.

After my ninety-six minute stroll inside the trailer was done Kinky called and invited me to come over to discuss some business and that is when I discovered Team JE and Team L&M were here. I wanted to stop and visit with all of them but my schedule was really tight today so I didn't get to. Thank you, Lisa, Matt, Ellen and Jim! Y'all are the best!

When I walked inside the Lodge Kinky and Will were playing pool and Will won. After Kinky and I had our brief business meeting I challenged Will to a game of pool and he won real quick because I never sunk one of my balls. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

This afternoon Carol invited us to come over so James could teach Tony and me how to sell things on eBay and Carol was going to sell a saddle and show us how easy it was to do. We arrived at four o'clock for our lesson.

In no time flat, after admiring Carol's beautiful saddle, Carol was on the computer and walking us through the procedure while James answered our questions and helped Carol. "James taught me how to do this and he knows how to sell anything on eBay! He's a pro when it comes to eBay!" Carol bragged on her new love.

As we watched Carol fill in the blanks I noticed her knife magnet on the kitchen wall, "Carol, you have got to tell me where you got your knife magnet. Rick in Port A has one too, and I have looked everywhere for one since we were down there."

"Gibsons," Carol said as she typed away on the laptop. "I love mine too and they come in two sizes..." Five minutes later James double checked Carol's form and then Carol posted her saddle up on eBay. If you want to check out her saddle click here.

James had a Columbian fishing shirt to sell on eBay and he invited me to get on his computer so he could walk me through the selling process which was a big mistake because he uses a PC and I have an Apple. As he walked me through the form I kept clicking on the wrong side of the pad and making one typing mistake after another which had us all laughing. So halfway through the process I thanked James for all of his help and patience and then I let him take over because we'd still be over there. James told me that he completely understood my problem with switching from Mac to PC to make me feel better. He is such a nice man and I am so happy that he and Carol found each other.

After James quickly posted the yellow shirt, the four of us had a fun visit. Click here to see the item I worked on with James.

At six o'clock Tony and I left to go home and we were sick—we had caught eBay-fever and we couldn't quit talking about what all we could sell on eBay.

A few minutes ago I received an exciting e-mail from Donna "The Drummer" Schloss. This is what she wrote:

"How would you like to make more noise? A friend of mine has an electric drum pad set that he no longer uses and he will give it to you if you would like..."

"If I would like!" This is the e-mail that I immediately shot back to Donna:

"Hi, Donna! OMG! I would love to get the electronic drum pad set and make more noise! I really like drumming. I hope that your trip to visit your Aunt Willie was fun and...Thank you for making my evening a real hit! I can't wait to tell Tony!"

Y'all have a great evening!

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