Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Y'all Have A Great Evening!

Today has been fairly quiet—not much happened. After walking eight fast miles, this morning, I spent most of my day doing paperwork, and returning numerous phone calls.

Around noon, Tone came inside the traile. He told me that he wasn't feeling well. He had a headache, a stomach ache, and was feeling achy all over. I sure hope that he isn't coming down with something.

Late this afternoon, I went over to visit with Kinky. We sat outside, by the Friedman Family Bone Orchard, and talked about our up coming books, and Mr. Ziffle's great adoption! Forty-five minutes later, Trigger took me home.

I'm fixing to watch a movie, and then go to bed early.

Y'all have a great evening!


Christy Cotter said...

Hi Nancy,
Hope Tony is feeling better today. He could be just sick of the heat!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Christy! Tony is feeling much better today, thank you for asking, and thank goodness! I also want to thank you, in advance for helping us. I will be mailing you a thank you letter tomororw.

Christy Cotter said...

Helping a good cause is easy. You guys do all the hard work. I know it's tough in this Texas heat.

cousin nancy said...

Good morning Christy! You are too sweet! Thank you.