Saturday, June 6, 2009

Angus Rules!

Today has been great! I walked eight more fast miles with Leslie, and just as I was finishing up, our great dog walking volunteers, Todd and Jan B.—knocked on the front door. "Tony, Todd and Jan are here, and I am not finished walking!" I hollered. "Could you please come answer the door?" Tony did as he was told, and went outside to the porch and talked to Jan and Todd.

When I was done walking—Tone was done talking. He came inside the trailer, carrying a small box. "They wanted to donate this figurine to the silent auction. It is a Bing and Grondel, Royal Copenhagen—St. Bernard Puppy, and worth a lot of money." Then T. removed it from the box to show it to me. Oh my gosh—it was beautiful! I loved it! "I'm going back outside, Nance."

"Tony, please tell them thank you for me," I said. "I'm fixin' to clean up, and will be outside as soon as I can." Twenty minutes later, I left the trailer to go thank Jan and Todd, for their donation, and to say hello to Linda T., who had come down, to walk our dogs. Unfortunately, everyone was gone. The B.'s, Linda and Aaron were out walking our dogs. I loved it!

As I was returning to the trailer, a black car drove into the rescue ranch. I waved at the people, and it stopped when it reached me. Then the front window lowered, and there was Les, sitting behind the steering wheel! "Hello, I'm Bobby," the man riding shotgun, said. Then the back window went down, and there was Denise—Les's better half!

"Hello Les and Denise! I am so glad to see y'all! And, I can't believe were not at H.E.B.! Denise, we run into Les, everytime that we go to H.E.B. and Tony and I, now make bets about seeing him or not."

"This is Judy," Denise said, from the back seat. They are from Bluffdale, and we wanted them to see the rescue ranch."

"That's great! Meet me down by the trailer." They took off and so did I. After hugs and handshakes, Tony and I gave them the Grand Tour! We went into the Space Ship first, and then into Outer Space, where we had a fun visit. Then they toured my writing cabin, and then we took off to visit our rescued dogs—the best part of the tour!

Denise fell in love with little L.T., but they couldn't adopt her, because their old dog, Angus, who is the love of their life, has been fighting cancer, and he is in his 40th week of remission, and still taking chemo once a month. When the tour was done, it was time for them to leave, so they could go eat lunch. I had enjoyed their visit so much, and didn't want it to end, but unfortunately it did. As they drove away, I hollered, "See you at H.E.B.!"

I then went to visit with Jan, Linda and Aaron, over at the barn. Todd was off walking another one of our dogs. I didn't get to visit long, because a man and his daughter showed up for a tour, so I had to take off. After visiting with the nice man and his daughter, another car pulled into the rescue ranch!

It was a couple with four kids, from Dallas. They wanted to take a tour of the rescue ranch, so I gave them one, while Tony visited with the man and his sweet daughter. The family enjoyed their tour. They thanked me, and then drove away, and so did the man and his daughter. It was two-forty-five.

Tony and I went to the trailer to cool off and to drink some water. At three o'clock, we left Aaron and Linda, to shut down the ranch, and we drove to Kerrville to get a pizza! We haven't eaten a pizza in over three years, and as Tony likes to say, 'we were starving!'

When we came back home, we ate our Domino's pizza, and then Kinky called. By the end of our conversation, I had offered to take him the rest of our pizza. Kinky ate the pizza in his kitchen, and then we went outside to the Friedman Family Bone Orchard and had a nice visit.

Y'all have a great evening!

P.S. Angus Rules! Hang in there boy!

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