Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Love These People!

This morning, while doing the Harley Show, I told Harley that Mr. Ziffle had gotten adopted! "That's great, Cousin Nancy!" Harley remarked. "Now, is Mr. Ziffle that cute little wild hog that y'all rescued?"

"No Harley," I said. "David Beckham is our wild hog. Mr. Ziffle is our gigantic black dog—that we all loved—and he's now living in Houston."

"That's right," Harley said. "So how is David Beckham doing? Isn't he going to live at a bed and breakfast?"

"He's doing great, and yes, he's fixin' to get adopted, and go live at the Trails End Guest House." Little did I know—how soon.

"That place is really great," Harley stated. "Becky and I went out there last week, to eat, and to see David and Desiree's place. Their food was delicious, and we loved the cabins." Harley and I visited a little longer, and then my rescue ranch segment was over.

Following breakfast, while I was washing the dishes, the phone rang—I let Carlton take the call. "Hi Nancy and Tony. This is David and Desiree calling. We wanted to know if we could come out this morning and pick up Beckham? Call me at..." I turned off the faucet, and did as I was told!

Desiree and I talked for about five minutes, and we did a lot of laughing. As soon as we hung up on each other, I went outside and told Tony the good news. "Desiree said that they would be here between ten-thirty and eleven o'clock." Tony was thrilled. He then took off to go tell Ben and Aaron the good news.

I then returned to the trailer and called Kinky. After telling him about Beck getting adopted, he told me to please call him, when they got here, so he could come over, to meet D&D, and to say goodbye to Beck. I told him I would. I lied, again, but not intentionally.

I then walked four fast miles with Leslie, cleaned up—and was ready to greet Desiree and David, as soon as they arrived. I passed the time returning phone calls. Around ten-forty-five, I went out to the porch, and saw D&D's big, white truck parked out by the barn! I then called Kinky to tell him that they were here, I grabbed my camera, and then I went outside to greet them—but that never happened.

As I closed the front yard gate, behind me, I saw them driving away! "Was that David and Desiree?" I asked, Aaron and Ben, by the barn.

"Yeah," Aaron said. "They just left with Beck. They were here for about thirty minutes walking around. They had their daughter with them, too, and she might come back and adopt Martha Stewart or L.T."

I was sick that I had missed them, and didn't get to say goodbye to Beck. I went back to the trailer, and punched in D&D's cell phone number. I wanted to apologize to them, for not being there for Beck's adoption. Desiree and David were great about it, and told me not to apologize, and then they invited Tony and me to come visit Beck anytime. I love these people!

When that phone call ended—my dogs started barking—Kinky was here for the adoption, and to have a picnic with Toto and the rest of my gang of furry best friends. He, too, was disappointed about not getting to say goodbye to Beck, and meeting D&D. "They've invited us to come over, anytime, to visit with Beck," I said.

"Good," Kinky said. "Let's do it soon. I already miss that little pig." Kinky had his picnic with my dogs, on the front porch, and then Mr. Green Jeans took him back over to the Lodge.

Around four o'clock, Tony, Ben and I were visiting inside the trailer—talking about the horrible heat wave, and the serious drought that we were going through. So, I went outside to the porch, and then came back inside the trailer. "We're talkin' one hundred and four degrees on the porch." Tony and Ben didn't seem surprised with my weather bulletin.

Ten seconds later, Ben says, "Hey, guys—It's raining outside."

"You're kidding me?" I said, as I looked out the window, and saw that it was pouring! "Come on, let's go outside! This is fantastic! Come on rain!" We all went outside, including the dogs—to watch it rain. We only got about a quarter of an inch of rain, but we were thankful.

Ten minutes later, Ben took off to go check on his girls—Valerie and Penny. I then went inside and called Kinky's cell phone. "Hi Kinky—it's Nancy. I have some great news for you! It just rained, and we got..."

"That's great, Nance," Kinky said. "Do you know that Michael Jackson has just died?" My heart sank.

"Oh, no! I loved Michael Jackson. He was a musical genius, and his life story was so tragic and surreal." Kinky and I talked for a few more minutes. Then I went outside to tell Tony about Michael Jackson dying.

"Michael Jackson is dead?" Tony asked. "And, so is Farrah Fawcett." I was shocked with T.'s news. I knew that Farrah had been fighting a losing battle with cancer, but I could not believe that one of Charlie's Angels was now an angel.

Godspeed—Michael and Farrah. Y'all will always be remembered, and loved for your beauty, and your talents.

It's nearly nine o'clock, and I am fixin' to watch the Michael Jackson special on CBS.

Y'all have a great evening!

P.S. Tone is now on the well side.


DY_Goddess said...

OH! The wee pig has flown the coop. I have to admit, I feel a little empty-hearted thinking of Beckham leaving the Ranch. Nancy, I hope you'll be sharing all of his adventures in your Blog ; ) I love D&D's place and am sure he'll be happy there.

I was sad to hear of Farrah's passing, I didn't know until today she was born Texan. She was so incredibly beautiful, inside and out, I'm sure she'll carry on her role as an Angel, but in heaven this time.

Ciao for now!

P.S.. Nancy, you know all those times I emailed you or called you & told you about the minus twenty degree temps we were enduring? Well, it was close to a hundred today so I think Kris was feeling quite at home today in the heat... even tho he spent the day on my king sized bed in the A/C LOL!! He's shedding like crazy! He turns 10 this month, and you wouldn't know it! He's as feisty and handsome as ever, just like his namesake. I owe you a photo of the Boy and will send one soon.

cousin nancy said...

Good morning Fay! I will definitely keep everyone updated on that precious, soccer ball playing pig. I can't believe that Toronto is nearly as hot as we are. I think they should rename Global Warming to Global Heating. You and Kris stay cool!