Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time Out!

Today is Ray's birthday. I was planning on going to go up to Austin, to celebrate it with my family. Tony said that he would stay here, to look after the dogs.

Well, Tony just walked inside the trailer, and told me that he is going to Austin with me, because he worries too much, when I am on the road alone. Yeah! He told me that he had already talked to Aaron, earlier this morning, and Aaron said that he would be glad to baby sit the rescue ranch for us. Yeah, again!

So, it's official now—Tony and I are fixin' to go on another one of our eighteen hour vacations! And, we're leaving pretty quick! I can't wait to tell y'all about our Sunday morning breakfast with Kinky, Ruthie, Kent, Rick, Leisa, Ben and Will! I will blog about it tomorrow!

Y'all have a great Tuesday! I'm packing!

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DY_Goddess said...

Happy Birthday Ray! Hope you have a super day and may all your dreams and wishes come true this year ; ))

Here's your b'day horoscope from the LA Times, looks like a great year ahead!

Today's birthday (June 16): The love in your life grows exponentially this year. Happiness is knowing that you are developing as a person whether things are easy or hard. You are ecstatic with the outcome of a project in August and this starts an entirely new chapter in your professional life. You'll make an important purchase in October. Your lucky numbers are 19, 3, 33, 20 and 1.