Friday, June 19, 2009

We're Having A Garden Party!

This morning I received a sweet note from my friend, Carl N., up in Denton, Texas. He and his wife, Debbie, are two of the nicest people in North Texas! At the end of Carl's e-mail, he wrote: 'Idea for veggies.... make gift baskets and give to strangers ....' I burst out laughing, when I read it! It's a great idea, and, I plan on doing it—starting today!

As soon as I am done walking, I am going to make up a pretty, garden gift basket, with pastel pink ribbons, and then sneak over to the Lodge, and drop it off at Kinky's back door—and then high tail it back to the rescue ranch. He'll never figure out who it was!

I am also thinking about having a 'Garden Party' real soon. The invitations would be pink, and say something like, 'You're invited to Tony's and Cousin Nancy's Pickin' and Grinnin'—Garden Party! And it would, of course, be—B.Y.O.B.—which is short for: Bring Your Own Basket or Box.

For decorations, I could string the beans, around the Christmas lights, above the windows—in Outer Space, and use the giant pumpkins for extra seating or for ottomans. For games, we could have roping contests using the pumpkins, too. We could also play marbles, in the dirt—using either the onions or the radishes. And, the children could take our potatoes, and play 'Mr. Potato Head,' while my iPod blasts my favorite tunes.

If Carol's and my grape vineyard is producing, we could serve homemade wine. How cool would that be! And for party favors, I could give everyone, a copy of my new upcoming book! I am starting to really get excited about our upcoming garden party! I think that we should have it in August, and all of y'all are invited!

Y'all have a great evening!

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