Friday, June 26, 2009

Living Off The Grid!

Today I only walked four fast miles with Leslie. Kinky called me about eleven o'clock, from the Austin airport, to see if we had gotten anymore rain. My answer was—"Nope." Kinky was at the airport, waiting for a plane—to take him to Philadelphia, so he and Little Jewford could do some Cigar events. He should be back at the ranch on Monday.

I spent most of the day, doing paperwork and returning phone calls. This afternoon Ben came inside the trailer to visit with Tony and me. We first talked about rescue ranch business, and then we caught up with each other's news. Ben told me that his, and his business partner, Miles—'Miles of Chocolate' business, is steadily growing, and their business is booming! Then Ben tells us that he is now a farmer on Facebook! Tone and I didn't understand, so Ben got on T.'s laptop, and went to his Facebook page, to show us this new farming game, that he has added to his wall. It was really cool! Then we started talking about my friend, Cindy P.'s new place in New Mexico.

I started telling Ben about it being off of the grid, all solar, etc., and how I couldn't wait to go out there to see it! We started talking about cob houses, solar panels, and living green, and that's when I remembered reading the interesting article in this month's Texas Monthly—about John Wells!

"There's this really cool, fifty year old man, living outside of Terlingua, who runs the Southwest Texas Alernative Enegy and Sustainable Living Field Laboratory! Ben, you have got to read the article about this guy!" I said, as I left the kitchen to go get the magazine from my office. "He is blogging daily, about his personal experiment in living green! I'm going to check out his blog this evening. Here read this." Tony and Ben read it. They thought it was as cool as I did.

After Ben left, I sat down at the kitchen table, and typed in John's blog address: I love his site, he uses the same layout that Tony uses! As I scrolled down the page, I quickly read a few of his blogs, and I really enjoyed the pictures. When I have the time, I plan to read his entire blog, from beginning to end, and I can't wait! I hope that y'all will check it out, too.

Before leaving his blog, I decided to post a comment. Here is what I wrote:

"Hello John! I read the article about you in Texas Monthly, and loved it! I admire what you are doing in Terlingua.

I am the executive director of the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, in Medina, Texas, that Kinky Friedman, Tony, my husband, and I started nearly eleven years ago.

Last April, our friends Curt and Sue, the donkey people from Terlingua came out to visit us. They are great people and I bet that you know them. If you do—please tell them howdy for me.

Keep living the good life!
Cousin Nancy

P.S. I think that you are on the right track! I am going to blog about you tonight."

I've got to go call Cindy P. now, who is in her new home in New Mexico, as I type, to tell her about John Wells. I hope John knows our friends, Curt and Sue!

Y'all have a great evening!


John Wells said...

Howdy Cousin Nancy! Thanks for the shout out about my blog....yeah...I know Curt (the curliest beard in Texas) and Sue.


cousin nancy said...

Howdy John! I think that you are probably one of the coolest people on this planet! I am serious! I called my friend, Cindy, in New Mexico, to tell her all about you, and she is totally into 'green' and has heard about you, from our friends in Medina—Charlie and Ellen, who have just bought some land out your way!

You truly rock! And, I love what you are doing! I hope that I can meet you some day and shake your hand!

I send you my best wishes, and am in awe of you! You've definitely got it right! Soar!

DY_Goddess said...

So cool Nancy, I just love what John is doing, he's living green and loving it!

Is Curt a donkey or a person? ; ))

cousin nancy said...

Howdy Fay! John is doing great things. Curt is one really cool guy—not a donkey or a jackass—just a really cool guy, trying to save the innocent burros, along with his super sweet wife, Sue, that the Texas Parks and Wildlife are trying to kill on their fun, private hunting expeditions. It is totally sick, and a real mess, and is being kept silent by Governor's Perry people.

It is sickening to think that there are really sick people, who are out there, that enjoy shooting innocent burros, leaving their babies left behind to die. It's totally sick, and cruel and must be stopped!

Burros rule, and Perry's sick people need to be arrested for their cruelness, and tried. It really makes me sick. The craziness needs to end, now!

If it is true, that a nation should be judged by their treatment of animals—we've flunked—big time!

DY_Goddess said...

Wow Nancy, I had no idea that went on. How anyone could get their jollies hunting down innocent animals like that, I'll never comprehend it. It IS sick and twisted and I am so glad for brave people like Curt and Sue who make a stand.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! Curt and Sue are are two of my heroes! They love burros, and are my kind of people.