Sunday, June 21, 2009

An Act Of Kindness!

Today has been nice and quiet—summer solstice, the first day of summer—the longest day of the year and Father's Day. Right now, my sister, Cindy, and her husband, Ray, are celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary— onboard a Princess cruise ship, headed to Alaska. And, I want to give them a shout out—"Happy Anniversary Cindy and Ray! I love y'all, and enjoy your seven-day cruise!

This morning, right after I had walked eight miles with Leslie, my brother, Ronnie, called me—all excited, "Nance, Guess what I got for Father's Day?"


"Nita bought me an iPod Touch! And, I love it! It is really cool, but I need to ask you a few questions about it. How do I..."

I was thrilled that Ron had gotten an iPod Touch, and I tried to answer all of his technical questions. In a few months, I will probably be calling him for technical support on my iPod Touch, because he is a lot more computer savvy than I am.

Around two o'clock, I took an hour nap with my furry friends, and I had a very strange dream—it didn't make any sense to me or to Tony, when I told him about it. I wish that I could tell y'all all about it, but I can't. But, I can tell you about one part of it.

In my dream, I was inside the trailer, and a friend walks inside the trailer, with my palomino horse, named Trigger. (Please remember that this is a dream, and the only horse, that I ever named Trigger, was my twenty-two year old, chestnut mare, and that was over thirteen years ago!) Anyway, Trigger comes up to me, and starts kissing and nuzzling me in the kitchen!

I was scared that the kitchen floor would give way, from the weight of Trigger, and I would end up with a big hole, in the middle of my kitchen floor, where the painted rug is located. So, I asked my friend to please take Trigger outside. He tried to take Trigger outside, but Trigger wanted to stay with me, so I grabbed an apple, and then walked outside, and Trigger follows me... Sorry, that is about all that I can tell you.

Tone has been outside working in his garden. He just walked inside, carrying that big yellow bucket, again. He is now laughing, as he is unloading more vegetables! My countertop is now completely covered up in vegetables! It now appears that I will be cooking more vegetables tomorrow, and freezing them, before he hauls in another load—in a couple of days.

Wait! I just had a light bulb moment! Our freezer is getting really full of cooked veggies, and I might just ask Tony to take his latest harvested crop, to the Old Timer, tomorrow morning—to give away to strangers! That would be an act of kindness, right?

Before I go, I want y'all to see a picture that T. took yesterday morning. He took it in our garden, and it is the inside of a sunflower, with a bee visitor. It is awesome, and I love it!

Y'all have a great evening!

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Judy Green said...

Wow, what a photograph! The detail is amazing... Those fresh veggies that Tony is growing out there sure sound good! I was thinking about growing some in box containers on my patio, but I think it's just toooo hot out here. Have a great week, Nancy!