Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Justin Gypsy Boots—Pink!

Sunday morning, I woke up, and didn't want to get out of bed, because my dogs and cat were snuggled up close to me—sleeping. I stayed in bed for a few minutes, just enjoying their company. When I sat up in bed, my furry friends woke up, shook their heads, yawned, and then they pounced on me, and showered me with wet kisses! Then they joyously jumped off of the bed, and started yapping at me in delight, with their tails wagging wildly—stirring up the latest cat and dog shed hair! Their happiness made me laugh out loud, as their old hair swirled around the bedroom.

After feeding my happy, hairy herd, I started Perky, the percolator, and then showered and dressed. At seven-thirty, I was in the kitchen, using my pink magnifying glass, to read the instructions, on how to make Cafe Du Monde's beignets.

Years ago, or should I say fifty pounds ago, I used to make beignets all of the time for Tony, Kinky and me, but I had forgotten the procedure.

Rick knocked on the door—and startled me, and my sleeping pet pals! "Come in, Rick," I hollered, over the sound of my barking babes.

"Good morning, Cousin Nancy!" Rick said, as he poured himself some delicious organic coffee. "How are you doing this morning?"

"I'm fine and fixin' to make beignets for breakfast, if I can read this small, fine print directions..." Rick laughed.

"I like your little pink magnifier—it's cute. Did Tony get that for you?"

"Did I get what?" Tony said, smiling, as he closed the screened-glass door behind him. "Morning Nancy and Rick."

"That pink magnifying glass," Rick said. Tony nodded yes, and we laughed.

"Yes," T. replied. "I use it, too. It lights up when you squeeze it." Tony walked over to the drain board to pick it up.

"Which one lights up—Cousin Nancy, or the magnifying glass?" Rick quipped, and then he started laughing.

"Both," Tone answered. We all started laughing, as I spooned in the beignet batter, into the skillet, full of hot olive oil.

Six minutes later, I grabbed my favorite serving platter, that reads— 'Everything Tastes Better With Dog Hair In It,' that Mary S., John Kemmerly's super sweet mom, had given to me a few years back. I love it! And, here's a picture of it:

A couple of minutes later, Rick, Tony and I were eating delicious, powder-sugar covered, beignets from it, and fortunately, no one found a single dog or cat hair! Why? Because the newly shed hairs were all floating around, in our bedroom—thanks to our ceiling fan.

When the platter was empty—our stomachs were full, Rick poured a cup of coffee for Leisa, and then he took it outside to my writing cabin—to give to her. When he returned to the trailer, I cranked up my iPod, opened up the front porch window, and then suggested that we go outside—into Outer Space, for a visit, while we waited for our friends: Ruthie, Kent, Kinky, Ben and Will to arrive. We didn't wait long.

A few minutes after going into Outer Space—we left it, because our 'party of five' had arrived! After howdy doodies, handshakes and hugs—we all went inside the trailer, so everyone could get a cup of coffee! Then we left the trailer and went back into Outer Space.

I stayed for about a minute, then I excused myself, because I needed to make beignets for everyone. I nearly had the hot skillet filled with beignet batter, when Ruth Buzzi came inside the trailer to help me! "The guys started talking," Ruth Buzzi said. "So I told them—I'm going inside to visit with Cousin Nancy."

Oh my gosh! I was thrilled, and once again—star-struck! I'm thinking, 'I can't believe this! Ruth Buzzi is actually standing inside my trailer—talking to me, like we're best friends! It can't get any better than this!' But, I was wrong.

I really wanted to pinch myself, to make sure this wasn't a dream, but I didn't, because I have a low threshold for pain. And, my last 'Ruth Buzzi pinch'—is now an unattractive bluish-yellow bruise. Sorry, no pictures.

As Ruthie and I are visiting, she comes over to the stove, where I'm nervously frying beignets, and she starts telling me about her wonderful Italian grandmother's cooking. And, the next thing you know—Ruthie is standing over my stove, and cooking the beignets, and giving me some really helpful tips! Then she gives me her grandmother's secret 'pizza friatta' (spell check there) recipe! I love this woman! She is one incredible lady!

After Ruthie and I patted the grease off of the beignets, we made one more batch of beignets beauties. While the beignets sizzled, she and I talked about my exercise routine, her and Kent's ranch, ducks, chickens, and my Justin Gypsy pink cowgirl boots, etc. I was having a blast, even though I was still star-struck! Good grief—I couldn't help it! You would've be, too! We're talkin'—Ruth Buzzi!

Then the guys, and Leisa came inside the trailer for their breakfast. Ruthie's new, and muchly improved, Italian-style version of New Orlean's famous pastry disappeared—faster than fast! Her's were so much better than mine. And, fortunately, no one reported any sightings of dog or cat hair! Thank goodness!

Following breakfast—laughter filled the trailer! Everyone was taking turns telling funny stories, and I was having so much fun! At one point, during a hilarious Kinky tale, Ruthie asked me for a piece of paper and a pencil. I grabbed my clipboard, tucked a piece of paper on it, plucked a pen from the breakfast bar—and then handed it to her, and she went to drawing!

As the conversation flowed, Ruthie came over to me, to show me pictures of how her grandmother worked the dough, the size that the pieces should be, etc.! I was so excited with her drawing—I forgot to ask her to sign it, because I do plan on framing it!

Rick and Leisa were the first to leave—because they needed to get back to Port Aransas. After hugs and handshakes, they took off, and I wish that they hadn't left so quickly, because they missed being in our Sunday morning group picture that T. took of us! Thank you, Tony! From left to right: Cousin Nancy, Ruthie, Kent, Kink, Will and Ben:

Before everyone else left, to go home, Ruthie grabbed one of my hot pink scratch pads, and wrote down these words and tucked it into her jean pocket: Justin Gypsy Boots—pink!

Y'all have a great evening!

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