Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You've Got To Come In Here!

Today was a great day! This morning I woke up at 6:00—without the help of our alarm clock! Tony went to Medina and I did my morning chores. At eight o'clock, I gave Kinky a wake up call—that he had asked for.

After T. and I drank our morning breakfast, I put my newly purchased— 'Leslie Sansone's Four Mile Fast Walk' into the DVD player—hoping that I could do it! OMG! Her fifty-minute, four mile workout was almost too much for me! It was real different from her other DVD's. It was more like a female version of Tae Bo's workouts—without makeup!

When the DVD started, Leslie already looked rode hard, and put up wet! It was totally different from her other workouts, where she has makeup on, and everyone is dressed alike and not sweating! Her hair was a mess, and she looked already worn out. Her new set was completely different, too—all black walls, and I didn't recognize any of her walkers.

"Tony," I said. "You've got to come in here, to see this!" I said, as I quickly found myself jogging to her choice of music, which I wish that she had asked me to pick for the four miles! Tony came into the 'big room'—and started laughing at me, as he watched me jogging forward and backwards, and doing all kinds of new moves! I was sweating within seven minutes into the video!

Leslie's workout was fantastic, but exhausting for me.! I didn't realize that I could still jog or jump and kick like that! At one point, she says something like—I'm the oldest one in here—I'm in my forties! "And, I'm fifty-seven and crazy to be doing this!" I said out loud!

When it was over—I was soaking wet, but proud that I had done it! Thank you Leslie—You Still Rock, but please let me pick your music for your next workout video! The James Brown deal was weird.

This afternoon, Tony took off, to get out mail down on Highway 16, as I was cleaning up the dishes from our lunch. Aaron had joined us for lunch. We had organic chicken salad, homemade organic zucchini soup, and cheese and crackers. "Nancy," Aaron hollered from outside. "Some people are driving up in a black car. Are you expecting them?"

"Nope," was my respone. I then went outside to see who was here. "Hi, I'm Nancy, " I said, to three friendly people.

As we shook hands, "Hi, Cousin Nancy! I'm Blas, and this is my wife Sybil, and our daughter Suzanne! We're from Pearland, and we drove all of the way up here, to see the rescue ranch! We read your blog!"

I felt honored, that they read my blog, but I couldn't quit staring at Blas's t-shirt. "Well, thank you. Let me give y'all a tour of the rescue ranch." As Blas went to their rental car, opened up the trunk, and took out a giant bag of dog food and placed it into the back of Trigger, I said to Sybil, "I was trying to read Blas's t-shirt about Free Michael Vick. What does the rest of it say?"

Sybil laughed. "Blas let Cousin Nancy see your t-shirt." Blas walked up to me, so I could finish reading it, and I laughed out loud—I loved it, and told them so!

I gave Blas, Sybil and Suzanne a tour of the rescue ranch, and they took pictues, as they petted all of our dogs—and Beckham! They fell in love with Beck and gave him an apple to eat—and he loved it!

When the tour was done, I took them into Outer Space, and they loved it! Before leaving, Blas gave me a generous donation and the shirt off of his back—his Michael Vick t-shirt! Thank you Blas! I love it!

Y'all have a great evening! Here is my new t-shirt, which I can't wait to show to Kink!

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HA! Great t-shirt ; ))