Friday, March 27, 2009

God Bless Allan King And His Beautiful Family!

This morning I got up before six, fed our critters and then did the four mile fast walk, followed by Leslie's one mile walk! Then as I listened to Harley, I prepared our breakfast smoothies. Today's ingredients: ginger, almonds, wheat germ, flaxseed, local honey, blueberries, banana, apple, radishes, an 8" cinnamon stick, fairy tale pumpkin, Fage Greek strained yogurt, orange juice—it was delicious! Then I went to work returning the many phone calls, e-mails, writing thank you letters, and faxing off some documents. Never a dull moment.

At ten-forty-five, Molly and her family arrived to maybe adopt one of our dogs. They liked Rockett and Christy Brinkley! As they tried to make up their minds, Carla fell in love with Mr. Ziffle, and she took him for a walk. At twelve-fifteen—Christy Brinkley was officially adopted! Tony and I loved it! Christy is a medium sized, black, long-haired Border Collie mix, with shyness issues, who was dumped, over a year ago, at our cattle guard, with another dog, Alfie, at ten o'clock at night—right before Christmas!

After her adoption, Tony and I had to go to Kerrville to run some errands. When we passed the orange colored restaurant, I saw Mr. Green Jeans in the parking lot, so I called Kinky, and told him about Christy Brinkley getting adopted to a forever home, and going up to Chicago area to live!

Kink was thrilled with my good news! Then he had to tell me some very sad news. Our dear friend, Allan King, our wonderful next door neighbor, who we all loved—passed away in Houston yesterday. His passing made me cry. I truly loved Allan King—he was one great man and respected by all!

Kinky told me that last week, he had called Allan at the hospital, and had had two great visits with him, and that Allan had sent me his love. Kinky also told me that President George Bush, Georgie's dad, and a U.S. Congressman had gone to visit Allan at the hospital, before he had slipped off into a coma. Please say a prayer for Allan's family. He will be greatly missed—he was truly one of the last 'Good Guys.' And, I feel honored to have known him, and to have called him my friend. Our prayers and sympathies are with his loving family. He will never be forgotten.

Tony and I ran our errands in silence, because of Allan's passing—we were both so depressed about his passing. Fortunately, when I was in H.E.B. shopping for some groceries—I was cheered up!

The store was packed as always, and somehow, I suddenly found myself pinned, in between two grocery carts, going the same direction as me, when a man, wearing a blue baseball cap, with his head down, looking towards the floor—heading straight towards me! I stopped, but he didn't! The man rammed his cart right into mine! We're talkin' a head on collision—no whiplash, thank goodness! I didn't know what to think or say! Then the man looks up, smiles, and says, "Hi Cousin Nancy!" Good grief, it was my good friend, Dr. Craig Janssen, our great veterinarian, the owner of Hoegemeyer's Animal Clinic—and then he starts laughing! "I got ya!" He and I had a fun visit, for a few minutes, and then we went our separate ways to shop!

While I was bagging up some pretty red potatoes, a woman says, "Hi Cousin Nancy—my familie's favorite blogger!" I looked up. It was Donna S.! Oh my gosh—it was Schloss!

Hi Donna!" I said. "How in the world are you, and your family doing?" We had a fun, short visit by the sweet onions! Tone met up with me in the banana department, a few minutes later!

On our way home, T. and I talked about Allan and his wonderful family and wife, Gloria—remembering the many great times— the fun breakfast events, that we had with them at the rescue ranch, and their holiday dinners with Kinky, Tony and me that we had, at their home. I was starting to cheer up some—sorta.

When we came home, there were nine new messages on our machine! I returned all of them, and was proud of it—then the phone rang again! "Nance, it's Carol..."

I picked up the phone! Carol invited Tone and me over for 'Happy Hour' with her, and her friend Lorri, over at her ranch! Ten minutes later we were over there—laughing and telling stories on each other! Tony and I had a blast, and we really enjoyed our visit with Carol and Lorri—who we count as our friends!

Y'all have a great evening tonight, and please remember to always count your blessings, and remember those who have touched us, and made our lives more fun, and full! Thank you, Allan and Gloria—I will always love you, two.

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