Thursday, March 5, 2009

That Girl Can Sure Cook!

This evening Tony and I went over to Carol's house for dinner! Talk about fun!—we had a blast! When we arrived at 6:24, Carol and John were outside sitting on the deck. Their friendly dogs greeted us, and then they happily escorted us to the front door! As soon as Carol and John opened the front door to greet us, and to invite us inside—the laughter commenced and it never ceased! And, I am not kidding you!

We laughed as we sat out on the deck, then while dining in her beautiful designer country-kitchen, and once again— as we sat outside, on the deck telling tales, as the stars twinkled and sparkled in the clear beautiful Texas sky above us!

Tone and I had so much fun! The music was excellent, the conversations were even better, and Carol's dinner was absolutely delicious! I've decided that the next time that I see Carol, which will hopefully be this Saturday, I am going to ask her for her recipes—so I can steal them and call them mine!

P.S. As Buttermilk took us back home to the rescue ranch, Tony said, "That girl can sure cook!" Y'all have a great evening—we sure did! Thank you Carol and John!

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