Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Dinner Party!

I am writing this blog early, because this evening, our friends Carol and John are coming over for dinner! And we can't wait!

This morning I overslept again, but I was back on schedule by 9:45! Around ten-thirty, Kinky called to talk about the rain. Yes, we are actually getting some much needed rain! After our conversation, I went out on the porch and shot a short video of it raining. I've posted it on the side bar.

At noon, I decided to go ahead and pre-cook tonight's dinner. I first made two almost totally organic spinach and mushroom quiches and put them into the oven to bake!

While they were cooking, I made up a pot of homemade organic asparagus soup. Then I decided to make my corn casserole, too! I put it into the oven—after taking out the twin quiches.

Tony then walks into the trailer, after going to get our mail, "Look what I've got!" He said with excitement! I looked, and this is what he was holding in his hands:

Last Spring, he entered a cutest pets photo contest, and his adorable picture of Bosco and Bunny was selected to be in their upcoming photo book! Yeah Tony!

It is now 3:30, and I am fixing to drag Hazel out of the closet and let her make our trailer—look like we don't live here! Then it will be party time! And, the big question that I leave you with—will John and Carol ever come back over here for dinner? We shall see! Y'all have a great evening! I'm sure we will!


DY_Goddess said...

Congratulations to Tony on his award! That photo really is wonderful, so glad he got recognition for it.

Mmmmmmm! Your twin quiches look great Nance, hope dinner went well.

cousin nancy said...

Good evening Fay! The twins were a hit, I think? Either they were delicious or Carol and John are great fibbers!

P.S. Tone says thanks you and he plans to take you on a photo shoot with us! Thanks for the comment.