Thursday, March 26, 2009

We Missed The Bullet!

This morning I was up by six o'clock! After feeding our dogs and cat, while listening to The Harley Show, I decided to make a loaf of Carol's, I mean Cousin Nancy's Fairy Tail Pumpkin Bread! At 7:45, while it baked, I called the Rose 99.9, to do The Harley Show! His Pet Of The Week was Linda T. aka L.T.! Harley was great and it was a lot of fun!

When Tony returned from Medina, and walked into the trailer—the pumpkin bread came out of the oven! It smelled delicious!

After Tony and I drank our super smoothies for breakfast, our new photography friends: George, and his two assistants—Erin and Sara showed up at the rescue ranch! We invited them inside for Leisa and Rick's expensive organic coffee, and my 'fresh out of the oven' organic pumpkin bread. Guess what? They loved the coffee, and thought my (Carol's recipe) pumpkin bread was absolutely the most delicious pumpkin bread that they had ever eaten! I ate it up, and had to agree with them! Thank you Carol!

While they munched away, Tony got on my laptop, and showed them a couple of my Beckham videos. And, needless to say, there was much laughter. The five of us, visited inside the trailer for a little while, hoping that the thick morning fog would lift—but it didn't want to. I decided to call Kink. "Hi Kinky. I just made some delicious totally organic pumpkin bread this morning, and it is fantastic! I'm real proud of it. Would you like for me to bring you some?"

"Yes, Nancy, as long as it is—TOTALLY ORGANIC!" Kinky joked—sounding half awake. "You know that I only eat organic." Then we both started laughing! "Come on over and drink some coffee with me."

Our coffee pot, was now empty, and our new tres amigos went outside to set up their equipment, and I went over to the Lodge. Kinky and I had a fun visit, and he cleaned my plate of pumpkin bread! He loved it! Then Buttermilk took me home.

While George and his crew were setting up outside, I decided to do my 'Fast Four Mile Walking Marathon!' Fifty minutes later, I was done stomping, sidestepping, jogging and kicking with Leslie Sansone, and her fabuous walkers! I was so proud of myself—we're talking over twelve miles in three days! I'm addicted to her walking DVD's!

I'm really glad that I had done my walk when I did, because as soon as I removed Leslie's DVD from our player—lightning stuck—a little too close for comfort for me! Yikes! Tony and I quickly unplugged all of our electronic equipment, as the rain pelted the rescue ranch, with the much needed rain! We had one awesome thunder storm, too, that made our lights go off and on, a few times!

By noon, the violent storms had finally left us—headed for San Antone for their attack! Tony and I then plugged in all of our electronics to find out that Atacosa County was under siege, as blue skies and the sun shone over us! We missed the bullet—thank goodness!

We got nearly an inch of rain today! Y'all have a great evening!


Anonymous said...

hey nancy, read your blog daily, well, almost daily. enjoy hearing about your adventures. We tried BELLA VITA monday, after your recommendation, this is my NEW favorite place to eat in Kerrville. Sent you my latest God's critter column, did you get it?

cousin nancy said...

Hi Anon (Sandy and Garnet) I am so glad that y'all tried it! It is definitely the best Italian restaurant in Kerr County. Next time that y'all go, please ask for Jessica or Cat to be your waitress—we love them!

I could not open up your zip file. Please send in Word or cut and paste. I cannot wait to read it!