Sunday, March 22, 2009

Return To Me!

This morning, after doing my four miles, I called Kinky, and then went over to the Lodge for a visit! We had a great visit! We talked business, politics and writing, as I helped him haul several of his plants outside, and fill his hummingbird feeders. An hour and a half later—Buttermilk returned me to the rescue ranch, and I returned several phone calls!

Today, Tony and I worked in the garden, and then we went to visit Beckham. Knock on wood, the garden is doing great and Beckham is, too!

Nothing notable happened today at the rescue ranch. I am fixin' to watch a movie that Carol loaned to me— 'Return To Me.' She told me that I would love it—it's a chick movie! I can't wait!

Y'all have a great evening—I'm fixin' to!

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Judy Green said...

Hi Nancy! I have a quick question for ya. Do you know of a trick to keep mold from grown inside glass hummingbird feeders? I just found two little spot and had a heck of a time cleaning it since the neck opening is so small! Put some paper towel half way in and then used a thin knife to clean I know you use a lot of natural products and was wondering if there was one you could recommend. Thanks much! Judy