Sunday, March 15, 2009

Face It!

This morning I overslept again, but by eight-thirty, I was caught up! After breakfast and cleaning up the kitchen. I decided to go to Facebook, to try to figure it out. I spent over an hour on my Facebook and was exhausted when I left it. It is a great deal, but too big of a deal for me! I wish I was a techno-nerd, but unfortunately, I'm not.

Feeling frusterated, I decided to do my two-mile brisk walk with my lavender weights and strechy band. After I had completed my walk, I decided to do the two-mile brisk walk again, because of my 'I can't believe it's not yogurt—frosting feeding frenzy fiasco,' yesterday morning! Four miles and thirty minutes later, I was pooped, but proud of myself for doing my two-mile walk—twice! Yeah!

Then I got on my computer, and went back to Facebook, again. OMG! We're talking tons of posts, pictures, and many people wanting to be my friend! Good grief, I had people from all over the world asking to be my friend! It was very exciting! I felt honored that so many people wanted to be my friend, but it was truly overwhelming—to say the least!

I ended up spending a couple of hours trying to add new people, who wanted to be my friends on Facebook, but when I saw that people were sending in requests to be my friends faster than I could add the older requests—I left Facebook, again! I then went to check my e-mail, to find that I had over seven pages of new people, who I mainly didn't know, wanting to be my friend! It made my smile turn into a frown.

I didn't know what to do—so I got out my sewing machine, and made myself a new shirt. It is red with a pink collar and cuffs! I love it and can't wait to wear it! (Please note: When I am feeling overwhelmed, I either sew, decorate or build something—with my iPod always playing my favorite music from our Bose.)

After I had ironed and hung up my new shirt in the closet, I showed Tone my Facebook, and asked him for his advice. "Nance, this is unbelievable!" Tony said, after laughing. "You are really popular. I don't know what to tell you to do. I only have six friends on my Facebook—and I actually know all of them." Then he went outside to plant some more seeds—for our upcoming organic heirloom garden.

The sun finally came out, after four days of cloudiness, so I went outside to talk to Tony, while he was planting seeds—faster than Johnny Appleseed! "T. I think that I am going to cancel my Facebook. I hate to do it, after all of these people have taken their time to be my friend, but I don't know how to answer them all. I'm a writer, and I love blogging. I think that is what I need to stick to. I don't have the time to blog and do Facebook. And, a few of my friends, (which shall remain nameless) have sent me e-mails, telling me that they don't want to join Facebook. They just want to read my blog, and e-mail me back and forth. I am going to cancel my Facebook."

I came inside the trailer and went to Facebook for the very last time. It took me three minutes to cancel. I want to thank all of y'all for posting! I want to do a shout out to my friend, Geir and all of his friends in the Netherlands—thank y'all so much for wanting to be my friend—y'all are my friends! I hope that everyonel has a great evening! I am because I am blogging—and I love it! That's what I do!


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Judy Green said...

That is so wild about Facebook - and I was so glad to BE one of those friends on!
A hint that might help....
In account settings, I set mine to "private" when I first signed on, and like Tony, I only have about 9 friends so far. No one in the world even knows my page is there in Facebook unless they look for me specifically by name. Then, only the friends I've approved can actually see the page. Maybe that would help if you wanted to keep the numbers way down ;)
Have a great day! And thanks again for your awesome blog!

Anonymous said...

ahh, miss cns, glad you chose the real world...:)not that there is anything wrong with that virtual stuff. the virtual world reminds me of playing pinball, when we were young.

DY_Goddess said...

Nancy, you're so cute. As long as you keep blogging, that's awesome.

cousin nancy said...

Thank y'all for your comments! I'm hitting the hay—It's past my bedtime!

cousin nancy said...

Hello Anon! I was horrible at playing pinball! LOL!
Good night.

TreeM said...

hey nancy,
i just got your friend notice but was sad to find you left FB... trick to it is to start small and don't get overwhelmed. it's a great way to reach out and connect with people. i initially did it for work-related reasons and have been thrilled to reconnect with folks i haven't seen or spoken to literally in 30 years!
if you decide to give it another try, shout out to me and i'll help you out. there are group pages, causes and other things you could do to expose the ranch to a tremendous world of potential FB adopters!!
hang in there - we love what you do! teresa & robert