Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mud Pies 101!

This morning, around ten o'clock, I went outside to see Becker Boy. When I arrived at the pig pen, Aaron and Tony were inside the pen playing with him. "Kinky just called and he is coming over to see Beck, again!" While playing soccer with B., Aaron, Tony and I discussed moving Beck to Bob Dylan's pen, because our gigantic white pig, Babe, did not like Beckham and was constantly taunting him.

Before Kinky showed up, we had our plan of action. When Kink arrived, he sat in a chair and laughed as he watched Beckham play ball with Tony—needless to say there was much laughter!

After Kinky left, Aaron went to get Bob Dylan, our shy Blue Heeler. Tony put a leash on Beck's halter and walked him out of the pig pen to meet Bob. Bob was nice, but not sure he liked the orange and black little pig. Tone and Aaron walked them down to Bob's pen and then unleashed them. We stayed in Bob's pen for over an hour, before Lana, the sweet woman, who adopted our two Poodles—Muffy and Max, arrived so she could meet Beckham in person! "I was over at Carol's house, and she couldn't quit talking about how much she loved Beckham, so I just had to come over here to see for myself. He is too cute!"

After a fun visit with Lana, she needed to go home, so she left. Right after she left, Beckham started chasing Bob—scaring Bob! "This isn't going to work," Tony said. "Let's try David with Fred Astaire. They are about the same age and Fred is fast on his feet."

So, Bob left his pen, and Aaron came back with Fred. Fred wasn't real happy with the overly friendly pig and growled when Beck tried to nibble on his tail. "Nope," Tony said. "This isn't going to work either."

"Tony, why not put Bob and Fred together in this pen, and put Beckham in Fred's old pen?" Aaron and Tony liked my idea, so Aaron brought Bob back to his pen—and Fred and Bob got along beautifully! Then Aaron offers to carry Beck down to his new pen. Tony liked the idea, but Beck didn't because he does not like being carried! As Aaron carried Beckham, he screamed, squealed and made scary grunting sounds—that would have scared off a mountain lion!

Five gates down, B. was put on the ground of his new pen, and he liked his new pen! Aaron then went and found a hose and returned to make Beck a 'waller' (Texas pronunciation), so he could wallow in the mud! And did he wallow! I made a short video of Beck meeting mud and it is pretty funny when halfway through the clip—Beckham does the strangest thing! Y'all have a great evening! Tony and I are going to watch 'Australia!'


DY_Goddess said...

Nancy, I think that wee pig stole your heart! He is very comical and cute, I'm enjoying the videos so much.
You sure couldn't have a bad day with him around ; ))

P.S. Yes, I can't wait to meet him and hope it's sooner rather than later!!

Anonymous said...

what the hell. is this a pig rescue ranch.just kidding. hope all is well with the the little porker.

DY_Goddess said...

Glad you remained Anonymous... just kidding. Yes, this IS a pig rescue ranch LOL!!!

cousin nancy said...

I'm laughing out loud, too! Hello Fay and Anon Ron! Fay, Beck has stolen my heart and many others, and guess who Anon Ron is—he's my big brother Ronnie, who loves to tease me, and who I love and adore! I wish everyone could be as lucky to have a Ronnie for their brother—he's the best!

In fact, Ronnie just called to tell me that he wrote the above comment, and he was teasing me! He thinks Beck is adorable, too!

And, earlier this morning when we got back to the rescue ranch—my wonderful sister, Cindy, called to tell me she watched us on Harley, and she can't wait to meet Beckham—so she's coming down next week for a meet and greet!
Y'all have a great day!

DY_Goddess said...

Awww, that is so cute Nance. Big brothers are the BEST!!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! I know, because I've got the very best!