Thursday, March 12, 2009

Off The Grid!

It is six-twenty-four, I just finished watching our evening weather forecast and am fixin' to start blogging! I just muted the sound on the television, and have cranked up my iPod—I'm listening to 'Oh Happy Day,' by Ramsey Lewis! It is a perfect, because we have received 4.5 inches of rain since yesterday!

Last night, Tony and I had a blast with Carol and John! Those two are great people, and we love them! We had a fun visit, and they actually ate my dinner that I had prepared, earlier in the day—and they said it was delicious! The proof will be in the pudding—if they accept another dinner invite over here!

Well, it thundered and the sky lit up, non-stop last night, as the rain fell on our thirsty rescue ranch! I could have done without the noise and the light show, but I welcomed the rain. I think it stormed almost all night.

This morning, thanks to our trusty alarm clock—I was up by six o'clock! After doing my morning chores, I faithfully did my brisk two mile walk. Ten minutes before calling Harley at the Rose 99.9, I went to my computer to get online to see who Harley's Pet of The Week was going be. Horrors! The internet was down! I was going to have to wing it!

At 7:44, I picked up the phone to call Harley to do his show, but there was no dial tone! The phones were dead, which explained why the internet was down! I tried to reach out and touch Harley about four times, and then gave up. Then Tone walks into the trailer, "How come you didn't call Harley this morning? I was listening and you never called in."

"Morning, Tone," I said, as I quickly copied down some phone numbers. "I couldn't, because our phones are dead and so is the internet. I guess you could say that we are two-thirds off of the grid. Let's hope the electricity doesn't go out. Will you drive me out to the road, so I can call the phone company and Harley?"

On Highway 16, in front of the Medina Children's Home mail boxes, I got out of Buttermilk and called the telephone people to report that we were down. Then I punched in Harley's number, as T. sat inside listening to The Harley Show Live. "Hi Becky, this is Cousin Nancy, please tell Harley that our phones are down at the ranch and that's why I couldn't call in!"

"Please hold on Cousin Nancy," Becky said. "Harley, Cousin Nancy is on the line—their phones are out and she is calling from Highway 16!"

"Folks," Harley Belew said. "I have Cousin Nancy, on the line, from the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, calling in from Highway 16, because their phone service is down. Good morning, Cousin Nancy! How are you doin'?"

"Hi Harley, I am fine."

"Good. How much rain have y'all gotten?"

"We're talkin' four and a half inches, so far. Harley, I'm sorry, but I have no idea who your Pet of the Week is, because our phones and internet are down. But I have some good new—K.K. got adopted and she's living up in Austin!"

"That's great! She was a cute little dog. Kerrville has gotten five and a half inches, so far. Thanks for calling in and stay dry."

"Will do. Bye," I said, then I turned off my cell phone, and jumped back into Buttermilk, and then punched in another phone number. "Kink, it's me. All of our phones are down at the ranch, and I just wanted to let you know."

"Nance," Kinky said. "I've been trying to call you. Are y'all okay?"

"We're all fine..." After we ended our conversation, Buttermilk took us safely back to the rescue ranch.

The phone service came back around twelve-thirty—and I was back in the saddle—returning phone calls and answering e-mails! The forecast for tonight is more rain, and I am hoping that we get it! Y'all have a great evening!

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