Saturday, March 28, 2009

Big As A Tool Shed!

Oh boy! Do I have lots of great news to tell! First off, let me backtrack to yesterday evening, while Tony and I were over at Carol's ranch, visiting with her and Lorri. Somewhere, in between our laughing and sharing funny stories, Carol says, "Nancy, you are going to have to change your profile. You are not 'bigger than a barn.' I think you should change it to 'big as a tool shed!'" That caused all of us to burst out laughing! I told Carol that I would think about it.

This morning, by ten o'clock, I had done all of my daily chores, and walked another five fast miles! At ten-thirty, Linda T. arrived, to walk our dogs! She and Aaron immediately started their dog walking! Tony then comes into the trailer, to tell me that he has to take off for Bandera—to rent a garden tiller.

So, I went outside and found Josh, a very nice young man, who works for us occassionally. "Josh, will you come help me put together a table, that I bought yesterday at J. C. Penney's? It's in the Space Ship."

Josh, followed me to the Space Ship and we went inside. I showed him the box and he went to work. In no time flat, the table parts were out of the box. As I was holding the base parts together, so he could screw them together—our dogs began barking! I looked out the window and saw a cute PT Cruiser coming into the rescue ranch. "Josh, I need to go see who that is. I'll be back." I then exited my spacecraft to greet the visitors.

"Hi, I'm Nancy, welcome to..."

"Hi Cousin Nancy! It is so great to meet you! I'm Maridee and this is my friend, Karen." They got out of the car, and we shook hands. "We are fans of Kinky and have read all of his books. Karen lives in Kerrville and I will be soon—and I can't wait to move here! We are both from California..."

I liked these two cheerful women—they were fun. "Well, why don't y'all let me give y'all a tour of the rescue ranch." The three of us took off. As we visited, I introduced them to everyone of our dogs. They seemed to really enjoy meeting them—as did our dogs liked meeting them!

When the tour was over, we visited for a little while longer, in front of The Space Ship. Before leaving Karen and Maridee made generous donations to our rescue ranch. "We love your rescue ranch! It is so beautiful, and the dogs are so happy! We are going to Wolfmueller's to buy your book, too!" As they got into the Cruiser, they told me that they want to come out regularly, and become volunteer dog walkers for us! I loved it! Their last words to me made me laugh out loud: "Yesterday, we told our husbands that we were coming out here to stalk Kinky! Please tell Kinky that we love him, and that he has two friendly stalkers!" I could hear them laughing, as they drove off!

I then looked into the Space Ship—no table—no Josh! Then I looked to my left—Josh was in Outer Space! I then went into Outer Space. "Oh my gosh Josh! I love it! Thank you so much for putting it together for me! You did a great job!"

"Thank you, Nancy. It was easy. I put the green table under the tool shed in the garden. Are you expecting someone?"

"No, why?" I asked.

"Some man is walking towards the trailer." I turned and saw a man approaching. I left Outer Space to go greet him.

"Hi, I'm Nancy. Welcome to the rescue ranch! Can I help you?" The handsome, thirty-something man smiled and started laughing! "Will! I'm so sorry! I didn't recognize you! You look great!" Then we hugged each other!

I met Will W., years ago through Ben. He is one of Ben's best friends—they grew up together in The Valley. Years ago, Will used to come down, and volunteer for us and his family donated a truck to us. Tone and I think the world of Will, or in other words—we love him like family!

As he and I caught up with each other's news, I proudly showed him the Space Ship, and then we went into Outer Space together, and we had a great visit! Will stayed for about an hour or so, and then it was time for him to leave. As I walked with him, a pickup drove into the rescue ranch. "Nance," Tone hollered. "I'll take care of the new visitors!"

As I walked with Will, I told him that he had to meet Beckham, so we headed towards Beck's pen. Will laughed out loud when he saw our soccer playing pig! Will thought he was cute. I then proceeded to tell him Beckham's story. When I had finished Beck's tale, I said, "I love this little fella, but I am praying, that someone will come along, who has a bed and breakfast—will adopt him! Will and I hugged and then Will left the rescue ranch.

I turned around, and Tony was one pen down from me, visiting with our soon to be, new friends—David and Desiree. I walked up to greet the couple. "They want to adopt Beckham!" Tony said, wearing a big smile. "They have a bed and breakfast nearby."

I was in shock! "Seriously?" I asked. "My last words to Will were—"I am praying, that someone will come along, who has a bed and breakfast—will adopt him! This is so incredible! I can't believe this! Hi, I'm Nancy." Tony then introduced me to Desiree and David and we shook hands.

We had a long visit with these two very nice people. By the time our visit was nearly over—I felt like I had known them all of my life! Now my story gets even greater!

D & D, who owned the B & B, told us that they also wanted to adopt Mr. Ziffle! I was so excited, I started pinching myself—to make sure I wasn't dreamin' all of this up! I wasn't—it hurt, and I am sure I will have a couple of bruises by morning to prove it!

D & D, then got their beautiful dog, out of the cab of their truck, and Ziff and him—hit it off beautifully! We're talkin' another great adoption! I was on cloud fifteen, about Beckham and Mr. Ziffle getting a home with these two super neat people!

We discussed their adoptions, and it looks like April 3rd—Zee-Man will move to their bed and breakfast, and in about three weeks, after a super play-pig-pen is built—Beck will be moving to his new forever home, too!

After Desiree and David left, I went over to visit with Linda and Aaron—they were eating lunch—on Aaron's tailgate. They loved hearing the great news about Mr. Ziffle and Beck getting adopted! We visited a while longer, and then Aaron starts telling Linda about my fast four and five mile walks and how hard they are. "Nancy, you are going to have to change your profile. You are not bigger than a barn," Linda stated. (I took it as a sign.)

After a fun visit with them, I went inside to check the answering machine. I returned the few phone calls, then I went outside to the garden, where T. and Josh were working. All we could talk about was Beck and Ziffle's good luck—then another car drives into the rescue ranch. "Who is that?" Josh asked. "Y'all sure have a lot of visitors."

"I think it is Carol, and her friends— Lorri and Brenda," I guessed. Well, guess what? I guessed right! Tony and I took off, to greet Carol and her great friends. After hugs, we went to visit Beckham! Of course, I talked way too much, but it was fun telling our great news about Ziff and Beck's soon to be—forever home!"

We played with little Beck for quite a while, then we petted and visited with our dogs, until Aaron and Linda T. came walking into the ranch with Ghost Dog, aka Nash, and Alfie. When Lorri saw Nash, she took off to greet him, because last year, it was Lorri, who had actually caught Ghost Dog for us. She and Ghost had history—they loved each other! When Nash saw her—his tail went to wagging non-stop!

After Linda and Aaron had returned the dogs to their pen, we went over to it, and talked to, and petted the two super sweet dogs. "I named Alfie!" Carol proudly proclaimed. "She has really turned out to be a great dog. I love her." Carol's words fell on Nash's and Lorri's deaf ears—they were having a reunion! It nearly made me tear up.

After that, we went into the Space Ship, and then into Outer Space! We had a fun visit, and Carol loved my new outdoor dining table! Before they left, I gave Brenda a tour of our trailer, and she really seemed to like it! She couldn't believe that it was built in 1983, and that I had bought it for only $6,500, back in 1995! As y'all well know by now—I love my trailer so much and am so proud of it!

After a too short visit—Carol and crew had to leave. After their departure, I called Kinky to tell him about Beck and Ziff's good news—he was blown away with my good news! He was as thrilled as me, about their adoptions, and he can't wait to meet Desiree and David!

After our conversation—I went on line to check out David's and Desiree's bed and breakfast. OMG! It is too cool! In fact, I think Tone and I need to go spend a night there! It is called, 'Trails End Guest House,' and it looks like a lovely B & B—set in the perfect location to tour the beautiful Texas Hill Country! It is just outside of Kerrville! And get this—it has a 'Writer's Cabin, too!' Their cabins are beautiful and seriously, I think it would be a blast to rent all of their cabins up for a weekend, with friends! Please check it out at:

I have linked to it on the side bar, too! And, please note that I have changed my profile—LOL! Y'all have a great evening! I already am!

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