Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tony & I Will Be Doing The Harley Show Live—Tomorrow Morning at 7:45!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Nancy - our 4 mile daily walks are WORKING! I was able to get up in time to catch your video stream with Harley and I loved it!

(I have to admit that I am a bit puzzled as to why I haven't lost any weight from our walks - maybe I'm at a 'plateau'?)

cousin nancy said...

Hello Mari! I am glad that you caught us on The Harley Show! We love doing The Harley Show and we love Harley! He is the #1 favorite DJ in the Texas Hill Country!

Hmmm...weight a minute! I cannot believe that you haven't lost any weight doing our workouts! Don't give up—it takes time. BTW, did you get saddle sore from last Fridays ride? I did.