Monday, March 16, 2009

We Forgot, Again!

This morning I was up by six o'clock! After breakfast, I did two two-mile walks, again! After my four mile, hour workout, my elbows and shoulders ached just little and still do. I guess I need to back off of the handheld weights. Like maybe do one two miler with them, and then not use them on the second brisk walk.

After my exercise session, I did some paperwork and returned a few phone calls. While I was checking my calendar for this week, I realized that Tony and I had forgotten our anniversary, again. It was on March 10th—Ten Years! I then made a few more phone calls and forgot all about our anniversary.

"Nance, it's twelve-thirty, are you ready to go to Kerrville with me?" Five minutes later, Tony and I were on Highway 16 discussing where we wanted to eat in Kerrville. By the time we reached the city limits, we had decided where we wanted to eat, before going to Home Depot for supplies!

But, when we drove past that Orange colored Mexican food restaurant, that won't fix their sign, we saw Kinky and our friend Beano standing in the parking lot! Tony tooted Trigger's horn, and we waved at them and they waved back! Two minutes later, Trigger was parked next to Mr. Green Jeans.

The four of us shot the bull, in the parking lot, for over twenty minutes, as we rested our arms on the backend of Mr. Green Jeans. The conversation was fun, too! At one point, Kinky teased me and tried to persuade me to eat at the Orange restaurant, but I refused and so did Tone! Then Beano starts in on us—recommending their bean burrito—nope no way! After Kinky and Beano had exhausted their efforts, trying to talk us into eating there—the conversation took another turn and there was even more laughing! Then it was time for all of us to take off in different directions

Before leaving, Beano suggested that we try the newly opened Italian restaurant, Bella Vita, where his daughter, Jessica, is a waitress. Bella Vita is where 'Cathy's on the River' used to be—on Water Street. Then we said our goodbyes!

When we arrived at Bella Vita—the parking lot was nearly packed full—which is always a good sign. When we walked inside, we saw Jessica and asked for one of her tables—our wish was granted! OMG! The food, the service and the vibes were great! It is a great Italian restaurant!

Tony and I were halfway through eating our meal, when I said, "Happy Anniversary, Tone. I can't believe that you forgot it." Tony glanced at his watch.

"Happy Anniversary to you, Nancy. You forgot it, too. It was on the tenth." Then we both started laughing about it! After leaving Bella Vita—we ran our errands and then Trigger returned us safely, back to the rescue ranch.

The first thing I did when I came inside the trailer was check the answering machine—Carol had called, Kinky had called! I called Carol.

Carol had some great news—John was leaving Bandera, heading our way—with a big round bale of hay for the cows, and she was coming over to meet up with him! Yeah! Tony and I were excited about getting the hay, but even more excited that we were going to get to see our good friends—Carol and John!

Twenty minutes later, Carol arrived! I quickly called Kinky to alert him that we were going up to see the cows, and we would be in John's truck and then we had a short visit. I then went outside to see Carol and then John arrived! The four of us, visited outside, by Trigger, for a short time, and then we climbed into John's great, gigantic Ford 250, four-wheeled pickup, and went to see the cows!

The cows were excited to see us, and chased the pickup to the hay drop off point! We hung out with the cows and their adorable calves, for about twenty minutes, and then we returned to the rescue ranch, and we had a very fun visit! Tony and I love those two—they are both great people—and we know them! We are so lucky!

I've just posted two short video clips on the sidebar: Tony, The Hog Whisperer, and Cows 101. Y'all have a great evening—we did!

P.S. I love you, Tony! Happy Anniversary!

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