Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Latest Buzz From Outer Space!

This morning I was up, and walking my brisk two mile walk by 6:30! And, an hour later, I had walked four miles—using my weights and stretchy band both sessions! Yeah!

After breakfast, Kinky called and I went over to the Lodge, to visit with Kinky, and to discuss some business. Our visit was fun. The rest of my day has been pretty uneventful—except for the buzz from Outer Space.

I've got a really big problem or should I say—Tony and I have a really big problem and it is wasps! They are trying to live in Outer Space, take over our front porch, and they are not welcomed here! It's sorta like an invasion, or an attack—that we were not prepared for! We've never had a wasp problem, but we sure do now!

Do any of y'all have an environmentally safe way of getting rid of the wasps? We're willing to do just about anything to drive them away! In fact, earlier this evening, I went into Outer Space with my guitar, and played it, while loudly singing off key, hoping that would make them buzz off—instead it drove Tony away, and made Lucky, our three-legged cat—scream and hiss at me! If any of y'all can help us—please leave a comment—we're desperate here!

Lastly, I am proud to announce that my dear friend, Shirley, has awarded me a "Best Blogger Award!" Thank you Shirley! I am honored! I tried to copy and paste it on my blog, but it didn't work. And congrats on getting the award, too!

I'm fixin' to go into Outer Space, again, and do some yodeling, even though it will make our rescue dogs howl! Y'all have a great evening! "Yodel Lady Who!"


Anonymous said...

Nancy, wow - that's serious stuff - besieged by wasps!

As to a remedy - I can't personally vouch for this but the old-timers way of keeping wasps from nesting under the eaves of the porch was to paint the underside of the eaves/'ceiling' a lighter shade of blue/aqua. Supposedly this distorts the wasps' senses - making them think of 'sky' and that it's futile to try to build a nest there.

I haven't tried the 'blue paint method' here because thus far the wasps don't feel they need to build a home on the underside of our porch eaves. (Need I add how GRATEFUL WE ARE for that?) All I can say is that I definitely haven't ever seen a wasp's nest on the underside of the roof of a porch that was painted sky blue, so maybe it works?

Having been in Outer Space, I have to wonder exactly how the wasps are getting in - thru the floorboards?

Anonymous said...

Nancy - I found this product on the internet:

Perhaps it's something to consider?

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! I was hoping that you would know what to do! I'm fixin' to check out the web site and buy some blue sky colored paint! Wish me luck! And thank you for the comments!

Anonymous said...

The pale blue paint works! My Aunt Jane & Uncle Earl painted their porch roof in Goliad pale blue as did my Mom & Dad at their house in Larue. And now my cousin Ed has his porch roof in Philomont, Virginia painted the same pale blue!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy it's Adam! I don't have any good Wasp ideas, but I did see a You Tube video of the pig Tom dropped off. Very funny. I also saw you tried facebook. If you give it another try, make sure to add me as a friend :) Bye! Need to see you guys soon!