Thursday, April 29, 2010

Drive Careful!

Today has been a quiet day even though we are under a full moon and Mercury is you know where. This morning after I walked six miles Ben called to tell me that he was stuck in Austin waiting on some parts to arrive for his truck so his mechanics could repair his truck.

Ben was supposed to have come in last night, so he could work today and tomorrow, but last month when he had his mechanics work on his truck they forgot to tighten down the fan properly, so on his way out of town last night the un-tightened fan broke off and flew off putting a hole in the radiator, so Ben and his dogs, Valerie and Penny were stuck in the Capitol City for the night.

This morning Kinky needed a six-thirty wake-up call, but he didn't wake up, so Buttermilk took me over to the Lodge at six thirty-six to wake Kinky up. Then I returned to the rescue ranch while Tone was in Medina drinking coffee with the old timers.

Today I got a lot of paperwork done and returned many e-mails and phone calls and then I started worrying about my trip to Austin.

Early this evening Tony and I went over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky and Will while we waited for Ben and "the girls from Austin" to arrive. At one point Kinky suggested that Tony shoot a game of pool with Will, because Will had out shot him in several games and Will now held the title of Echo Hill Ranch Pool Champion.

Will won the first game. The Medina Bulldog won the second game of pool and on the play-off game for the pool championship Kinky and I discussed our plans on hooking up at the Dairy Queen tomorrow morning. By the time we had a plan set in stone for tomorrow, the Bulldog won the championship! The Medina Bulldog Rules!  After Tone snagged the title we came home so I could get ready for tomorrow's big trip into Austin and I am already getting a little stressed out about it.

When we got home I picked out which turtleneck I was going to wear with my jeans and which beautiful necklace that Karen Cares made for me. Then I started washing clothes. While the clothes were sloshing around inside Queen Bee I called the Dairy Queen in Dripping Springs to talk to the manager about my trip to see if I could possibly leave Buttermilk parked there while Kinky and I rode into Austin in his truck, Mr. Green Jeans, because I didn't want to impose on Ronnie or Cindy even though they offered to deliver me to Kinky at the Dairy Queen in Drippin'.

I'm fixin' to go to bed in thirty minutes, because Tony has promised to wake me up at five o'clock in the morning so I can calmly get ready for my dreaded day trip to Austin even though right now I am seriously thinking about canceling the trip, because I am not sure I can deal with the "weird" Austin traffic and getting home so late tomorrow night.

Y'all, I am a hermit-at-heart and I know it and so does Tone and Kinky and everyone else that knows me, so this might just be my last book signing trip out of Kerr County. I wish that I was "tough as nails," but I am not and I don't want people having to baby-sit me, so please wish me luck on tomorrow's frightening adventure, because I will need it.

P.S. Ben sent T. a note on Facebook a little while ago and the people sent the wrong part, so it looks like he will come down tomorrow. Drive careful, Ben!

Y'all have a great evening!

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Anonymous said...

so good of you to protect yourself in all ways, always. so good of you to garden endlessly! so good you all. atta girl nancy.