Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ousie's Table In Houston!

Today I had a nice surprise. This morning around eleven-thirty a car pulled up to the trailer so I went outside to see who was here—it was my good friend Patty from Florida! I walked outside our fenced in yard and gave her a big hug. "Where's Peggy the other half of P&P?" I asked as we went into Outer Space for a visit.

Patty told me that Peggy had a knee replacement a few days ago and she was recuperating from the surgery. During our fun reunion Patty told us all about her trip to Vietnam a few months ago. "Patty, you are one amazing woman," I said. "You have been all around the world and I admire you because I am scared of flying and going into big cities..."

"That reminds me, Nancy, I read in your blog about Ousie's Table wanting to do a booksigning for you. You have got to do that booksigning at Ousie's Table in Houston. That is my favorite restaurant in Houston and I go there every time I'm in Houston," Patty said. "Their food is the best. It is one of Houston's finest and most popular restaurants. It would be a blast."

"I really want to do it because I love the owners, Harry and Ousie Jones. They are the nicest people and real down-to-earth. They come see us about once a year when they are up in the Hill Country and I always look forward to their visit. I am just not sure I can go to Houston because big city traffic terrifies me and it really stresses me out even when I'm not driving."

"Maybe Ben could drive you there or someone else?"

"Ben might be able to do it but he is so busy with Miles of Chocolate which by the way is now in the H.E.B. Kerrville store as of last week. I might be able to find someone, but even if someone is driving me I will still stress out. I'm really a scaredy-cat when it comes to big cities."

"Take drugs!" Patty said with excitement. "Get a doctor to write you a two day prescription for Zanex."

"I don't know," I said. "We don't have a doctor and that could be pretty expensive. And what if it makes me goofy causing me to make a fool out of myself at the event. I can see it right now: "Hello, everyone and thank you for coming to my booksigning at Ousie's Table. I'm real stoned right now and can barely read my own writing but I will try to..."" Patty and Tone started laughing.

"Ask one of your vets to give you a couple of pills," Patty suggested. "All I know is that you must do Ousie's Table and I know that you would sell a lot of books."

"Okay I will, Patty," I said. "I will put it on my Bucket List even though it might kill me or I get busted for doing drugs when I hate drugs. Then we went inside the trailer so I could show Patty the cover that I designed for my book. "Oh My God! I love it, Nancy. It is beautiful and I love that picture of you on the pony. I can't wait to buy a copy of your book."

"I can't wait either—cha-ching," I said. "I'm real proud of the cover and I am glad that you like it." Then we went back outside and had a great visit with non-stop laughter. A little before two o'clock Patty had to leave so she could go see her Dad and Peggy and I hated to see her leave because she is so funny and makes me laugh until my back hurts with her hilarious tales about her Florida friends.

Late this afternoon T. and I went to Kerrville to get groceries and I found Miles of Chocolate by the Deli section! I want to do a shout out to two great ladies I admire. Get well soon, Peggy! P&P Rock Big Time!

Y'all have a great evening!

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