Thursday, April 1, 2010

Big Foot!

Today has been a quiet day. This morning I only walked four miles because my left foot was still swollen and I had too much first-of-the- month paperwork to take care of. Before I started working Ben, Meghann, Matt and Tony came inside the trailer and I had a really fun visit with them.

After they went outside to go to work I checked my blog for comments. After reading Anon's comment I took their advice and soaked my spider bit foot with white vinegar and I was amazed with the results. Within thirty minutes the swelling had gone down nearly fifty percent. Then I took a Benadryl and started taking care of business. By four o'clock I was caught up with the paperwork and glad to be done with it.

I just showed Tony my spider bit foot because it is still really swollen and he called me "Big Foot." Fortunately, there is no pain and the redness is starting to finally disappear. Once again I plan to spray Off on the bed sheets and myself before going to bed so the spider will leave me alone.

Y'all have a great evening!

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