Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Dairy Queen!

It's a good thing that I got up early this morning and walked six miles because I did something that I seldom do. My sister Cindy called me at eight-thirty. She asked me if I wanted to meet her in Fredericksburg to go look at the beautiful beautiful Bluebonnets in the Willow City Loop and then have lunch together.

Normally my response to anyone's spur-of-the-moment invite would have been, "Sorry, I can't. I have too much work to do,"because I always do, but since it was my sweet sister and it was beautiful outside and she wanted to buy a few of my books so I said, "Yes!" I think my answer shocked Cindy because there was a moment of silence. Then we decided on when and where to meet.

When I told Tone about meeting Cindy in Fredericksburg he told me his concerns about me getting lost while he helped me pack up the many books that he would mail out today. The last books I gift-wrapped were for Cindy and that is when I realized that I needed to take a pair of scissors with me so she could cut the pink ribbon and look at my book, so I grabbed these scissors and put them into my purse.

I don't know why I chose that big pair of scissors to cut a little pink ribbon, but I did. When I arrived in the Walmart parking lot at ten forty-five and parked Cindy pulled up next to me before I turned off the ignition. When I lowered the passenger window she and I started laughing, "Cindy, this is just like our trip to Port Aransas last October! We arrived at the exact same time and rode the ferry to Port A. together!" Then I quickly grabbed my camera, purse and Cindy's books and locked Buttermilk and then I jumped into Cindy's car and pulled out my giant pair of scissors. Cindy started laughing.

"Why did you bring scissors?" She asked with a laugh.

"For protection," I said. "You'll need them to cut the ribbon. After the ribbon cutting I put my old pair of Fiskars back inside my purse as Cindy complimented me on my book. Then we took off for the famous Willow City Loop which was less than twelve miles away, to shoot some pretty Bluebonnets and other beautiful flowers.

Before we even got out of the Fredericksburg City Limits we got lost and had to pull off to the side of the road and we started laughing because this always happens to us. "Don't worry, Nance," Cindy said. "I've got maps and our Garmin GPS. And, we've got plenty of  water." As Cindy hunted for a Texas map I pulled my scissors out of my purse.

"And I've got my scissors to protect us," I joked. "And I can shoot anyone who approaches us with my camera." Finally, when we realized that we were on the right road we took off again. When we turned onto the Willow City Loop there was a lot of stop and go traffic because of all of the tourists taking roadside pictures and every time we stopped and went, something on the back seat floor would roll back and forth and make a strange noise. "What is that noise?" I asked. Cindy started laughing.

"Oh, it's a big jar of calcium pills that I bought this morning, so I could write a check for some cash. And it is a really big jar! They were on sale and..."

As we caught up with each others news, admired the beautiful flowers and laughed non-stop, the pills in the jar continued to roll back and forth behind me on the floor and it would make us laugh. On our way back to Fredericksburg I asked Cindy how she pronounced the word herb because I wanted to know if she pronounced it with the "h" being silent like I do.

We burst out laughing when she mispronounced it with the "h" being silent. Then we talked about whether it was Mom's fault for mispronouncing things or if we were taught that in school in Fort Worth. Then I told her about my friends Herb and Karen and mispronouncing his name.

We ate lunch outside at the Altdorf restaurant and we laughed throughout our meal. And the food was delicious and I highly recommend it

After lunch we went back to the Walmart parking lot, said our goodbyes and then we went our separate ways. Here is a picture of Cindy standing in the Walmart parking lot with her lifetime supply of calcium pills.

When I got home I told T. all about my fun time with Cindy then Kinky called me to see if I was going to Austin on Friday and I told him that I was, so we made a plan on how we were going to hook up in Austin. By the time it was all said and done Kinky is going to pick me up at the Dairy Queen in Dripping Springs Friday morning and then we will ride into Austin together. I am already getting nervous about going to Austin. Please wish me luck.

Y'all have a great evening!

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