Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Nance, I Have Mark's Gift For You!"

Today has been really fun. This morning I didn't want to walk, but I did anyway because I wanted to catch up with the miles for my monthly quota. As of today for this month I have walked fifty-four miles and I am only one mile behind the needed fifty-five miles for the eleventh of April. So I am glad that I walked with Leslie. Tomorrow when I walk six more miles I will be caught up and then I will start getting ahead by at least one mile per day unless I take a day off.

Early this afternoon Lisa came out with some of her family that were visiting her from Mt. Pleasant. When Lisa told us the other day that they were coming down to Kerrville to see her, we asked Lisa to please bring them out so we could meet them.

As soon as they climbed out of Lisa's car I fell in love with them instantly. Talk about nice people! After we met Leighann, Lisa's younger sister, Leighann's husband Ken, and their beautiful daughter Hannah we went over to the Lodge for a short, but fun visit with Kinky. Then we returned to the rescue ranch.

While Lisa gave her family a tour  of the rescue ranch, Kinky called to tell me that our friend Steve Rambam was over at the Lodge, so I had to go back over to Kinky's because I needed to talk to Rambam, the famous real life private investigator in Kinky's mystery books. And I am glad that I did.

After I told Rambam about someone hacking into my computer last Thursday, and my e-mail and address book being hijacked, and the stupid letter that was sent out to everyone in my address book asking for money, and the fine detective work that Sage Ferrero had done, he told me to contact the Secret Service immediately because they investigate computer fraud. So I will contact them tomorrow since I am sure that they are closed on weekends.

When I returned to the rescue ranch Tone and I had a really fun visit with Lisa and her lovely family. We went into the Space Ship and they loved it, and then we went into Outer Space for a visit, and it was filled with non-stop laughter. When it was time for them to leave Lisa said, "Nance, I have Mark's gift for you, but I forgot to bring it with me. I'm sorry. You're going to love it. I swear."

I started laughing and said, "Lisa, please don't worry about it. Wait until you get my age. I forget so much nowadays—I even forgot about Mark's gift until you just reminded me. Just be glad that is the only thing you forgot today, but please try to remember to bring it with you tomorrow because I can't wait to see it."

Tomorrow is going to be one big day for me. In the morning after I walk six miles with Leslie I plan to contact the Secret Service, and then work on the web site that I am trying to build for my new book, which is arriving tomorrow! I cannot wait to see my book, and if it looks good then I will push the button to print the books that I have ordered. Please keep your fingers crossed for me that the book will look good.

Y'all have a great evening!

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