Friday, April 23, 2010

The Republic Harley-Davidson "Ride For Harley-Ray" Has Been Canceled Due To Rain And Will Be Rescheduled Soon!

Yesterday evening I didn't post a blog because I was tired and I couldn't wait to watch the movie "Crazy Heart." Tony and I thought the movie was fantastic and I am so glad that Jeff Bridges won Best Actor for it because he really deserved it.

This morning when I went over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky I told him and Frank about how great "Crazy Heart" was. "Nance, did you buy it?" Kinky asked.

"Yes," I said. "Do you want to watch it?" As I am typing these words at seven forty-nine Kinky and Frank are over at the Lodge watching it right now. I know they will love that movie and I look forward to talking to them about it.

This morning I got up early and it started off weird thanks to Mercury in retrograde. Lucky was a cranky cat for some reason and Hank and Little Girl didn't want to eat their dog food. After breakfast I cleaned up the kitchen and decided not to walk again because I had lots of paperwork to do. When I tried to print out some letters, our mood-swing printer wouldn't print them and just started spitting out one blank page after another, totaling twenty-two pages in all. So I went over to the Lodge to drink some coffee with Kinky so we could catch up with each others news because he has been gone for nearly a week.

Before I left the Lodge Kinky, Frank and I decided to meet for lunch in Kerrville. When I returned to the rescue ranch I stopped at Jill's pen and told T. that we were having lunch in Kerrville at twelve-thirty.
"That's great, Nance, but Lisa wants to take us out to lunch today," Tony said.

"Not a problem. We'll invite Lisa and Matt to join us! It will be fun!" Then I took off in Buttermilk. When I saw Lisa by Happy and Maggie's pen she waved at me so we stopped so I could talk to her. Lisa was fine about joining us for lunch. Then she told me that Matt's parents, Paul and Gail were in Kerrville to visit with Matt. "Let's invite them too! I've been dying to meet them." I said. So we came up to the trailer so she could call Matt.

After she talked to Matt on the phone she told me that Matt and his parents were on their way out to see us and Matt thought it would be fun to join us for lunch. And that's when I took a baby Aspirin because Lisa's words pushed my panic button because I needed to take a shower, make the bed and vacuum the trailer! "Lisa, I need at least twenty minutes to clean up and vacuum the trailer. If they get here before I'm done will you show them around until I come outside?" Lisa laughed and told me she would and then she left the trailer so I could tidy up.

After I lit a couple of sticks of incense to mask the doggie smell I punched in Kinky's phone number. "Kinky, plans have changed. Lisa and Matt and Matt's parents are going to join us for lunch!"

"Sounds good, Nance," Kink said. "Let's move our lunch up to one-thirty?" After I agreed to the time change I hung up on Kinky and discovered the incense sticks were on fire and had nearly burnt halfway down because I had forgotten to blow out the flames so I quickly threw the sticks into the dishwater and lighted two more sticks and made sure to blow the fire out!

Then I started a load of laundry and then quickly made up our bed and took a shower. While I was getting dressed Lisa and Tone came inside the trailer. "Nance! What are you doing?" T. hollered.

"I'm getting dressed!" I half-hollered back.

"Okay, We're going into Outer Space!" Then I heard the front door close. When I came out of the bathroom Lucky ran into the closet as I pulled Hazel out. "No, Lucky. You cannot stay in the closet." Lucky ignored me. "Please, Lucky. Come on get out of the closet." Lucky shot me one of those looks that could kill and then he took his time slowly walking out of the closet. After Hazel quickly removed most of Mama's long white hair and the dogs black and tan dog hair she went back into the closet and I went into Outer Space.

I had a fun five minute visit with Lisa and Tone and then Matt and his parents arrived so we went to greet them. The minute I saw their smiling faces I knew I liked them—they were my kind of people. After howdys and handshakes we went into the Space Ship and they thought it was pretty cool and then we took them into Outer Space and had a really fun visit. Before it was time for us to leave for Kerrville I suggested that Matt take Kermit and give Paul and Gail a tour of the ranch, so they took off. As soon as they were gone I said, "I love Matt's parents! They are such nice people..."

"I know," Lisa said. "I really like them too." Ten minutes later when they returned we jumped into our vehicles and headed to Kerrville so we could meet Frank and Kinky for lunch. Lisa left first followed by Matt's family and we were last so we could close the gate behind us.

I figured that we would probably caravan to Kerrville, but obviously Lisa didn't. OMG! As soon as we were on Highway 16 Lisa put the pedal to the metal and took off like a professional Nascar driver. When 16 finally turned into four lanes Lisa was nowhere to be seen. "I can't believe how fast Ricky Bobby drives," I said. "I hope that she doesn't get a ticket." T. laughed as he drove the speed limit and calmly followed Paul and Gail's suburban.

When we arrived at the restaurant Frank and Kinky were inside sitting at a table waiting for us and that is when the fun began. I teased Lisa about being a wannabe race car driver and then Kinky started talking politics while we ate our shrimp cocktails. Everyone had plenty to say and basically we were all in agreement. And the conversation was filled with a lot of laughter too. When we were done eating we took the conversation outside to the parking lot and visited for about another twenty minutes before everyone took off in different directions. Tony and I had so much fun and we love Paul and Gail.

When T. and I got home I opened a PayPal account for Undepressable Press and hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday it will be up and running and y'all can use PayPal to buy my book. Fortunately, it is already selling like hot-cakes and I am so thrilled about it and I really want to thank all of y'all that have already bought my book. I hope you like it.

This evening I went over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky and to also loan him our copy of "Crazy Heart" so he and Frank could watch it tonight. And, I bet that the movie is just about over by now, so I am going to call Kink to see if he liked it.

P.S. I want to thank our great volunteers Lisa and Jim for coming out this morning to help Tone and to walk our dogs.

Y'all have a great evening!

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