Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Perfect Timing!

This morning Lisa, came inside the trailer to look at my galley proof and she made me feel so good. She said, "Nance, I love your book! It is totally awesome! It is so beautiful..." And that is just one of the many reasons that we love Lisa. She is totally awesome.

Later this morning Tony and his sister Annie from New Braunfels went to Fredericksburg to take pictures of the beautiful Texas Bluebonnets. I stayed home because I needed to catch up with my paperwork and so I could "press the button" to sign off on my book's new corrections.

Twenty minutes before 48hrBooks cutoff time for today I received their pdf files, but I could not open up the files so thinking fast I e-mailed them to Copies Plus so they could open the files for me and tell me if the corrections looked good. Since time was of the essence I called Copies Plus to ask them to look at the new files as soon as possible.

Trisha was out out of the shop so her nice employee Marcie did it for me. "Yes, Nancy, the files look great and all of the corrections were made," Marcie said. After thanking her I went to my computer and pressed the "sign off" button and then called 48hrBooks to make sure they knew that I had just signed off for them to print my books. I made today's deadline with less than ten minutes left before their cutoff time for today. I was thrilled because that means that I will get my books early next week before Mercury goes into retrograde on April 18th! And I call that perfect timing.

This evening when Tony and Annie returned to the ranch they showed me some of their beautiful pictures that had taken today before Annie had to leave and drive back to New Braunfels. After Annie left I asked T. if he had eaten lunch today because I had some leftovers for him if he was hungry. "Yes, we did. We ate lunch in Kerrville," Tone said.

"Did you get any funny stares since you were with a blonde and not with me?" I teased. Tony laughed.

"Yes, I did. When we walked into the restaurant that waitress that always waits on us looked at me, turned her head sideways and then she raised her eyebrow. I told Annie that tongues would be waggin' all over Kerrville about me being seen with her today. She thought it was funny."

It is starting to thunder and lightning here so I need to get off of the Internet and unplug everything.

Y'all have a great evening!

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