Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lisa & Squirt From Port Aransas Were Here Today!

Yesterday was a great day. After breakfast I walked six miles and then went over to the Lodge to drink some coffee with Kinky. After lunch I caught up with all of my paperwork.

The reason that I did not post a blog last night was because I was too tired. And the reason that I was too tired is because last night at six o'clock Tony and I went outside and pushed mowers and whacked off weeds for two hours. When we came inside at eight o'clock we were covered in grass cuttings and my back was aching from pushing the lawn mower through the tall overgrown grass, which we haven't been able to mow since it has rained for the past seven days.

After I took a shower and put on my pajamas I poured myself a glass of fine wine from the box and then watched some old episodes of "House" because my good friend, Patty in Florida, is hooked on that televsion show—so I decided to check it out. I found the show to be very entertaining, so now I am hooked on "House!" Patty, I think the character, House is very good looking, too! Thank you, for telling me about the show.

This morning when I woke up I was thrilled that my back no longer ached so after breakfast I walked another six miles while Tony did his chores outside. After my workout with Leslie I did another rigorous  workout with Hazel, our lavender colored vacuum cleaner, which exhausted me because Mama, our Great Pyrenees has started shedding her long white hair all over the trailer. But the real reason that I worked out with Hazel is because our dear friend, Lisa from Port Aransas was coming to see us and have lunch with us.

Lisa Lea and her precious little dog, Squirt "The fastest dog in Port A." arrived around twelve-fifteen and we were so glad to see her, but our dogs were bad hosts to her fast and friendly dog, so Lisa put Squirt in Outer Space while we ate lunch inside. Lisa and I talked non-stop during lunch so Tone finished his meal first and I came in last place because I talked too much. After lunch we went outside and had a great visit in Outer Space. As always there was a lot of laughter. A little after two-thirty Lisa and Squirt jumped into her truck and took off for San Antone so Lisa could buy a new cell phone before heading back to Port Aransas.

This afternoon I checked my e-mail. My friends Donna "The Drummer" Schloss and Mari of the NoMads sent me a video to watch of some dogs playing in the snow and it really cracked me up! It was hilarious, so I asked Tony to come watch it and it made him laugh, too. We loved it. I hope that you will checkout this funny dogs video because I promise that it will definitely make you laugh. Thank you, Donna!

This evening at five o'clock I went outside in my denim overalls and push-mowed the grass for over two hours while Tony cut the grass on the riding mower because the Republic Harley-Davidson "Ride With Harley-Ray" to benefit our rescue ranch is only six days away. Tony offered to use the push mower but I declined because when I got on the riding mower it almost ejected me from my seat when I put it into gear and besides pushing the mower is great exercise for me.

Y'all have a great evening!

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