Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rick, The Friendly Lighthouse Keeper, and Leisa Are Here!

Today has been really fun! This morning Ellen Jackson and Eileen Gotke came out to walk our dogs and before they did we went into Outer Space and we had a blast! I have so much to tell and will tomorrow because we are having a blast right now with Rick and Leisa!

Y'all have a great evening!

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Roger said...

I hope before the summer's over I can sit in "outer space" and have a cold beer or three, the mountains are just beautiful. I'm just dying to talk to the lady who is adopting Mr. Rogers and Miss Dee, they have a pretty good following of people in Wichita. I really want to contiue to spread the word to my friends in Kansas about how life is going with you and your new friends. You can't believe how much it means to Mary and me that somebody is willing to pick up where Mary, Nancy, Tony, all the volunteers, Kinky and me left off. With the help Kurt and Debbie at Kansas K9 Resque we have found good homes for a bunch of good dogs, but these two are the most rewarding because they had no trust in people at all, never even imagined that we would be able to even touch them and here they are moving to Ft Worth, too cool! If you want to contact us our number is 316-554-0521 my cell is 316-258-7919