Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Preacher Man!

This morning I did not walk because I had a lot of work to do before going to Kerrville later today. While I was backing up some files Lisa, Matt and Tony came inside the trailer so Tone could show them a slideshow of the Bluebonnet pictures he took yesterday.

Before they watched the slideshow I  could tell that Lisa was really down in the dumps so we tried to cheer her up. When I told Matt that he needed to wear a cowboy hat to get girls Lisa backed me up, "Matt, women love men in cowboy hats." Then the joking started and after all was said and done I doubt if Matt is going to buy a cowboy hat. Then Matt told me that his parents were coming to see him on Tuesday because it was his birthday and they wanted to come out and see the rescue ranch which thrilled me because I cannot wait to meet them. Then I showed Matt his name in the acknowledgments of my book and he was thrilled and told me that his name has never been in a book. When Tony's slideshow ended they went outside to go to work and Lisa was smiling even though I could tell that she was still depressed.

Around twelve-thirty I grabbed the Undepressable Press checkbook and letters to be mailed and then Buttermilk took us to Kerrville to run many errands before meeting Kinky for lunch at one-thirty. On our way to Wolfmueller's Books Kinky passed us going in the opposite direction and waved so I called him on his cell. "Hello, Nance. I just passed y'all."

"I know. I waved at you, too. Do you want to do lunch early?"


"We're at Wolfmuellers to pick up some books and they need for me to sign some books so we will be there in about ten minutes. Bye."

When we walked into the bookstore we were greeted by Mary Jo then Sandy and Jon came out of their office in the back and headed our direction. After greetings I paid for my books and then I started signing several copies of my book, The Road To Utopia while Mary Jo Brandon looked for her name in the acknowledgments part of  my new book. She seemed thrilled when she found it. "I'm between Robert Bradley and Linda Buckelew! How many pages are in your acknowledgements?"

"Three full pages of names. I have a lot of friends and it is a marketing idea because everyone wants to see their names in a book so I put all of my friends name into the book." I said. "Mary Jo, my new book would make a nice Christmas present for your friends and family and I could sign them with something like: "I love Mary Jo, too!" When I was done signing books T. and I took off for the restaurant.

In general, having lunch with Kinky is always fun, but todays was weird and fun. When we arrived at the restaurant Kinky was already sitting at a table waiting for us. The weird part happened right after Tony and I placed our orders. Right when Kinky's cell phone rang I had a wardrobe malfunction and I could not believe what had just happened so I blamed it on being two days away from Mercury going into retrograde. Fortunately I was the only person aware of my problem.

When Kinky answered his phone he stood up, excused himself and then went outside to take the call. I took his cue. I stood up and quickly dashed off to the powder room and went into a stall and latched the door behind me. Then I looked down to make sure that my turtleneck was covering my wardrobe malfunction and was glad to see that it was. Then I lifted up my shirt and re-buttoned my Levi 501 jeans.

For some reason the middle button had unbuttoned itself and I cannot figure out why because my jeans are baggy with plenty of room except around the top button because I have a muffin top as Ben likes to call it. Since it only took me ten seconds to button up my jeans I decided to stay in the stall for at least a minute because I didn't want people wondering why I had gone into the ladies restroom for ten seconds.

Sixty-five seconds later I was sitting at the table laughing with Tony and Kinky wondering why so I told them. They thought it was pretty funny. During our meal we started talking about my new book and that's when Kinky turned into a preacher man. "Nance, I don't care who it is that wants your book—do not give them a free one and that includes me. It's for your and Tony's retirement and you need to tell them that. You've worked hard on this book and put your hard earned money into it. So if they really want to read your book then they should understand and pay you for it or go to the library." I didn't know what to say, but Tony did.

"Kinky, Nancy gives everything away. I bet that she has bought and given away at least three or four hundred books..." I sitting there at the table wondering if I had turned into the invisible woman as they continued to talk about me. Finally when they had run out of words about me I spoke.

"Okay, guys. I get it. I promise not to give one book away for free—except to libraries. And, I hope that you will buy one, Kinky. Okay?" They laughed. After we finished our meal we took off and went in different directions. Kinky went home and we went to the bank so I could get a certified check made out to 48hrBooks. Then we went to FedEx and over nighted the check to the printers. Our next stop was at H.E.B. for a few groceries and gas. Then we went to the post office so I could mail out a ton of letters and buy stamps. Our final stop was at Walmart so I could buy some shipping supplies for Undepressable Press. Then we came home.

At five twenty-seven the phone rang and for some reason I picked it up and answered it even though I did not recognize the phone number. This really nice woman introduced herself. "Hi my name is Karuna  and I am an independent television producer for a new television station. We started in January and..." Or at least I think that is what she said her name was because I am so hard of hearing especially when talking on the phone. Karen, Karuna or Kahuna told me that they want to do a reality show about our rescue ranch and I nearly fainted with excitement. We talked and laughed for about ten minutes. She told me that they are not like other reality shows. "We want to showcase people who are doing good work and I think your rescue ranch would be great..."

"How do you know about us?" I asked.

She told me that she reads my blog and loves watching my videos. "My favorite video is your first  and last cooking show." Now my ego starts kicking in and I tell her that, and we started laughing. Then my new-found friend tells me that the TV station is in negotiations with Direct TV and Dish as we speak. Before hanging up the phone she told me that she would e-mail some more information about the reality show idea and I told her that I had to discuss all of this with Kinky and that I would get back to her by noon tomorrow. Then I called Kinky and went over to the Lodge.

After telling Kinky about this nice woman, who I really liked, and all that she had to say about the possible reality TV show he said it sounded good to him and for me to pursue it, but to be careful and to contact our entertainment lawyer friend because if it is too invasive on our privacy which we have little of we won't do it. Then I returned to the rescue ranch.

Ten minutes after getting home Carol called me and we had a really fun visit. When I told her about the possible rescue ranch reality show we had a fun discussion about it. "Nancy, I know that Kinky is a natural in front of the camera, but you run and hide when cameras come out and Tony shuts down. I don't know..." Then she told me about her and James horsemanship workshops that they plan to attend in the near future. I am so happy for Carol and James. They are like two peas-in-a-pod and I am so glad they found each other and having the times of their lives.

P.S. Cheer up, Lisa.

Y'all have a great evening!


A new fan said...

Cousin Nancy, you can tell Kinky that good things happen when you give books away. For example, before I even read this post today, I made a donation on paypal to the rescue ranch. Reason is because I bought your book recently while visiting Austin at the Half Price Books store. I enjoyed it so much and felt kinda bad that I paid so little for it, so I made the donation! So, a gifted book is the gift that keeps on giving. I plan to pass it on to a friend or my sister in the Austin area and I bet they become fans and supporters, too. In fact, my neice is having her 7th year old birthday party soon and will be accepting donations to pet rescue in lieu of gifts! So pass this good news along to Kinky when he gets onto you about giving away your books!

cousin nancy said...

Hi New Fan! I will pass this on to Kinky. Thank you for your comment.