Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Part-Time Poltergist Is Back, Again!

I got up really early this morning and everything seemed normal. Like every morning, our dogs and Lucky couldn't wait for me to feed them. After I fed my fur-friends, I started a load of laundry in Queen Bee. Then I made some coffee and fixed breakfast for Tony and me like I always do.

While washing the dishes in the kitchen sink, little did I know that things were fixin to get weird soon. After the kitchen was clean I walked six miles with Leslie even though my arms and back ached a little from pushing a lawn mower and using the weed eater for the two past evenings.

When I had completed my six mile walk that is when our friendly, once a month poltergist startled me.  I am prettyt positive that it was our part-time, prankster poltergist because it always does the same thing to me—it throws stuff onto the floor always landing near my feet. Not very creative for a poltergist if you ask me. And it probably showed up because Mercury is in retrograde.

As I was walking towards our "homemade armoire" in our bedroom that I built over twelve years ago, I saw my black case holding my first pair of bifocals that I don't use, fly off the top shelf and land three feet away—right in front of my feet—making a loud thud as it hit the floor. Hank and Thunder's hair went up on their back and they started barking immediately even though they are deaf, and Lucky jumped off of the bed and raced out of the bedroom screaming at the top of his lungs. He hates our poltergist.

To say the least I was startled too, so I picked up the  dusty case and opened it. Fortunately my bifocals were not damaged so I closed the case and put it back where I always keep it which is far back on the shelf. "You got me again," I said before turning around and heading back to the kitchen so I could take one more baby Aspirin for my heart.

Then I took a shower while Thunder, Hank, Toto and Little Girl bravely stood guard for me at the bathroom door entrance. Needless to say our little bathroom was standing-room-only. I did appreciate their protectiveness even though I wasn't scared of our poltergist with such a limited imagination. Then I opened up all of the windows.

As I walked around smudging the trailer with some sweet smelling sage from New Mexico, I  thought about what I would do if I were a poltergist. I know for certain that I would be a lot more creative than ours and do cool stuff like move pictures and things around, and hide things, etc. but I would never throw things off of shelfs or fling things from the top of the refrigerator like ours always does because someone could get hurt. I am positive that I would definitely be a cool poltergist unlike the boring one that we have.

Afte I smudged the trailer I went outside to say hello to Lisa, Matt and Meghann. First I visited with Meghann who was inside Ben Stiller's and Gracie's pen playing with them and giving them kisses even though they were covering her in mud. Then Matt walked up or should I say sauntered up wearing his new straw cowboy hat and he gave me a hug. "Is the cowboy hat helping you meet girls?" I asked. Matt blushed and then he shook his head up and down as Lisa walked up wearing a big smile on her face that we haven't seen for days.

"See, Matt! We were right," Lisa teased. "We told you that girls love cowboys..." Meghann, Lisa and I laughed as Matt continued to blush and shake his head. Then he saw Tony in Kermit and took off in his direction.

"Well, it looks like Mr. Rogers and Miss Dee have found their forever home!" I said. "Last Friday this really nice woman from Fort Worth called me and we talked for over thirty minutes about Mr. Rogers and Miss Dee. She told me that she wanted to adopt them and she was willing to be patient and work out their problems. She wants them to be indoor and outdoor dogs and I really liked her. She told me that she can't come down here until May 15th. Isn't that great news! And it looks like Paul McCartney is going to be living in Austin real soon!" Lisa and Meghann were thrilled with my new news about the dogs.

Early this evening I went outside while T. was in his office plowing and planting on his virtual farms. I mowed the grass outside of our front gate on the riding lawn mower, and then I pushed mowed more of the rescue ranch for almost two hours. I love getting the extra exercise and the rescue ranch is starting to look well manicured again.

Y'all have a great evening!

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Roger said...

Damn Nancy, that's good news about Mr. Rogers and Miss Dee...I just finished reading your blog and I can't discribe how that news makes me feel. At 47th and South Broadway here in Wichita Ks. where those two lived is a huge road construction project with baracades all over the place, no way they would survive that mess. Mary and I spent so much time with those two trying to gain their trust. I'm sure all the business people around there wondered if we were mentally competent. Mary and I would like to talk to the new caretakers of these two and maybe visit them this summer. These dogs made such an impression on us, they were hungry most of the time, the dog catcher complained that he couldn't get within a block of them. The four of us slept together at the Motel 6 in Kerrville the night before we brought them to the ranch, it was a rough night, we were so happy that they trusted us, but we were going to give them to you and Tony the next day, we were worried but the crew at the ranch did an exellent job at making a new home for these two. We fed these two for about two years before we even saw a tale kinda wag, these guys were in the basic survival mode. Please contact us, Mr. Rogers and Miss Dee are two very special friends. Thanks Nancy, Tony, Kinky and all the people who help with time and money to keep Utopia Rescue Ranch Going. Roger and Mary Peach